Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day Book 3.19.13

Outside my window... Sunny but a tad cool. The gorgeous weather last week already has me spoiled. I'm ready to open all the doors and windows!

I am thinking... that the only reason I am blogging is to avoid doing some necessary tasks around the house.
I am thankful for... that Matt is home to take the kids to swimming this afternoon!

From the kitchen... I had a VERY productive kitchen weekend. Felt like I needed to reload the freezer. Baked 3 dozen buns, made two dozen of these sandwiches (both roast beef and ham - my kids love them! And I feel like I'm getting to that stage where kids are insatiable and I need lots of this kind of food to grab), and lots of cookie dough energy bites (original recipe - I've changed our version up a bit). I think I'll roast a chicken in the crockpot this week and make flautas for the freezer also. And some more high protein banana muffins. For meals this week, I've pulled a frozen lasagna and garlic bread out for tonight (cooking so much that I don't feel like cooking dinner!) and want to make baked "fried" chicken later this week. That should get us through to the weekend.
I am wearing... athletic pants and a fleece sweatshirt. Can't get dressed for tennis because my partner and I are going to have a try on session of new outfits before our match today.
I am creating... nothing. The biggest downside to homeschooling is my lack of sewing time. I should fit it in somewhere, but I just haven't figured it out yet. I think I need to start finding 15 min here and 15 min there instead of looking for big chunks of time.

I am going... to make arrangements for one of Jack's birthday presents today. It's a trip! He's going to DIE when he finds out.

I am reading... finished The Forgotten Waltz and also Frances and Bernard. About halfway through April & Oliver (what's with the back to back double name titles, right?!?). Also Mind Gym.

I am hoping...
 blah... can't think of anything I'd want to make public...

I am hearing... the furnace. That's it!

Around the house... 
got a new kitchen sink faucet installed today. Hurray for water pressure! Apparently we get sediment in our old pipes that gunks up the faucet. Hoping filters and a new faucet fix our problems. I also found a couch I want for our "new" family room... it's a little crazy... we'll see what Matt thinks when I show him. Cleaned out the homeschool room. Want to take photos before we mess it all up again!

One of my favorite things... this Yoga Studio app. Love it.

A few plans for the rest of the week: normal stuff, a field trip here with the kids' homeschool group, Jack's birthday, a relatively quiet week - that's good!

Here is a picture I am sharing: Aren't my buns lovely? There have been a lot of "buns" jokes in our house the last few days. Hilarious. And so original. Right up there with the fart jokes...

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