Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day Book 3.12.13

Outside my window... overcast and sprinkling. Not expected today. Rather I was not expecting it. Maybe the weatherman was. But I noticed yesterday morning that spring is in the air. Felt it again this morning when I went out early to let out the chickens. The air is cool but the breeze is slightly warmer.

I am thinking... a lot about what I want lately. Still no answer. Waiting and open to all the possibilities.

I am thankful for... Zappos. How did I buy shoes before Zappos?!?

From the kitchen... tortellini soup last night, puff pancake this morning, probably going to do veggie taco paninis tonight. Not sure what to make the rest of this week. Maybe a roasted chicken.
I am wearing... my plaid Christmas PJs from a few years ago and my grey fisherman's sweater. Laughed with Matt on the phone this morning that I'm a stereotypical housewife. Drove the kids to a homeschool program this morning in my PJs!
I am creating... After I'm done writing this, I think I will forget about the dishwasher than needs to be emptied and start basting the mermaid quilt for Kate.

I am going... to buy my husband a new car in the next couple weeks. Pretty sure we've sucked every last bit out of his current one. That car is currently sitting in the parking lot of our mountain place, unwilling to start.

I am reading... listening to The Forgotten Waltz. Still have all those other books on my bedside table. Mostly untouched over the last week.

I am hoping... that my tennis match today doesn't aggravate my back. I think I strained it ever-so-slightly on my run yesterday. Not bad, but there.

I am hearing... the lovely sound of silence. Just the hum of the fridge, my own tapping, the cat coming down the stairs, and Nina snoring beside me. If I listen really carefully, I can hear some birds outside.

Around the house...
so much I want to do, so little time and energy and resources. I did get a new pot at the Le Creuset outlet. It was a 2nd so it was relatively inexpensive. Made soup in it last night. Made me happy.

One of my favorite things... soup served in mugs

A few plans for the rest of the week: more tennis than the last few weeks (good!), lacrosse practice starts for Jack plus his first spring game, a few runs, a  yoga class, St Pat's 5k for me, nothing overly exciting.

Here is a picture I am sharing: snow fun

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