Saturday, March 30, 2013

This Makes Me Happy

Easter eggs from MY chickens

The brown eggs are actually my favorite to dye. The colors seem more vibrant!

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Friday, March 29, 2013

This Makes Me Happy

Watching my little alley cat performing

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Funeral

Bristle the beta fish died yesterday.

Sad. He was a good fish.

I couldn't deal with a dead fish yesterday because I was exhausted from lack of sleep and caring for a certain sick, little boy.

And I also felt a little guilty about his death, but we won't go into that right now...

Despite a second night with less than adequate sleep due to same sick, little boy, we took care of the dead fish today.
Had a full fledged funeral for Bristle. For the record, I wanted to flush him, but that idea was met with utter horror! And really a little funeral was a nice way to say goodbye.
Dressed in Black,
Giving the Eulogy
RIP Bristle. You were a good fish, even if you lived twice as long as I ever imagined you would. I'm sorry I didn't clean your tank more often.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Birthday Boy

Yesterday Jack turned 8. Eight!!

(Can't believe I now have 2 Furbys in my house. Hate those things!)

We celebrated with friends at a hibachi grill.

So much fun for everyone.

He was really wound up all day. Pretty happy to be a year older.

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What Not to Wear

Running shoes with boyfriend jeans (and you can't even see my wool flower socks!). Not my best look, I assure you.

Dressed in a hurry to chase the snow in the mountains. Didn't think I'd be seen in public, but Starbucks was a necessity.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day Book 3.19.13

Outside my window... Sunny but a tad cool. The gorgeous weather last week already has me spoiled. I'm ready to open all the doors and windows!

I am thinking... that the only reason I am blogging is to avoid doing some necessary tasks around the house.
I am thankful for... that Matt is home to take the kids to swimming this afternoon!

From the kitchen... I had a VERY productive kitchen weekend. Felt like I needed to reload the freezer. Baked 3 dozen buns, made two dozen of these sandwiches (both roast beef and ham - my kids love them! And I feel like I'm getting to that stage where kids are insatiable and I need lots of this kind of food to grab), and lots of cookie dough energy bites (original recipe - I've changed our version up a bit). I think I'll roast a chicken in the crockpot this week and make flautas for the freezer also. And some more high protein banana muffins. For meals this week, I've pulled a frozen lasagna and garlic bread out for tonight (cooking so much that I don't feel like cooking dinner!) and want to make baked "fried" chicken later this week. That should get us through to the weekend.
I am wearing... athletic pants and a fleece sweatshirt. Can't get dressed for tennis because my partner and I are going to have a try on session of new outfits before our match today.
I am creating... nothing. The biggest downside to homeschooling is my lack of sewing time. I should fit it in somewhere, but I just haven't figured it out yet. I think I need to start finding 15 min here and 15 min there instead of looking for big chunks of time.

I am going... to make arrangements for one of Jack's birthday presents today. It's a trip! He's going to DIE when he finds out.

I am reading... finished The Forgotten Waltz and also Frances and Bernard. About halfway through April & Oliver (what's with the back to back double name titles, right?!?). Also Mind Gym.

I am hoping...
 blah... can't think of anything I'd want to make public...

I am hearing... the furnace. That's it!

Around the house... 
got a new kitchen sink faucet installed today. Hurray for water pressure! Apparently we get sediment in our old pipes that gunks up the faucet. Hoping filters and a new faucet fix our problems. I also found a couch I want for our "new" family room... it's a little crazy... we'll see what Matt thinks when I show him. Cleaned out the homeschool room. Want to take photos before we mess it all up again!

One of my favorite things... this Yoga Studio app. Love it.

A few plans for the rest of the week: normal stuff, a field trip here with the kids' homeschool group, Jack's birthday, a relatively quiet week - that's good!

Here is a picture I am sharing: Aren't my buns lovely? There have been a lot of "buns" jokes in our house the last few days. Hilarious. And so original. Right up there with the fart jokes...

Monday, March 18, 2013


There is a new daily deals site that is going to be launching April 2nd called Educents. They will be offering deals on educational products. I'm kinda excited and signed up as soon as I heard about it.

Okay, so I signed up right away to get the $10 gift card... but I'm very hopeful that they will have some good offers. Especially for homeschooling.

They are offering the $10 gift card to anyone who signs up before they launch. Go sign up!

*They also give you extra credits for getting friends to sign up. This isn't a special deal just for me and I'm not really endorsing them because I don't really know what the site will be like once they launch. I just think it sounds like a fun idea that I should pass along, but also thought you should know that if you sign up through the links on my blog, I'll get credits to buy more stuff.

Homeschool Moment


Jack got a tadpole kit from Mimi for Christmas. We delayed ordering them until we knew we would be home for a longish time.

10 eggs arrived on Friday. I read about the high mortality and figured we would get 2-3 tadpoles. 9 hatched today!

Not to wish ill on any living creature, but I hope we don't end up with nine (9!!) leopard frogs...

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Homeschool Moment

Too beautiful to study indoors today. So we are working on our scootering, roller blading and Vit D consumption.
Nina loves this kind if homeschooling!
And we are doing a bit of work.
One if our favorite things has always been to read and snack outside on a blanket.

PS Here's what I'm reading while kids are off playing. Recommended by my tennis coach
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Today is a Good Day Because...

  • it was really sunny and warm.
  • I had a great tennis lesson.
  • the kids caught on to a new math lesson easily.
  • I realized that the book Jack is struggling with a bit (but reading!) is a fourth grade level.
  • the hens laid 6 eggs for the second day in a row.
  • Nina is getting her exercise chasing squirrels.
  • Kate had a play date with a friend we haven't seen in awhile. They had a great time.
  • I got to run in shorts and short sleeves. Lots of yummy vitamin D.
  • I took an indulgent shower.
  • I woke up super early and got some writing done. I think I've finally adjusted to the time change.
  • Matt was home in time to take Kate to swim team and practice lacrosse with Jack.
  • the kids gobbled up, without complaint, the bean and corn taco filling in place of hamburger.
  • I saw a robin pair.
  • I'm going to skinny dip in the hot tub later. Have to wait until it is dark enough that the neighbors can't see me...

The Other Day

Thought it was time to document another one of my days. This exercise always makes me realize that even on days where I don't seem to get much accomplished, there is much being done.
  • 6am - alarm goes off, having a good dream, no way I'm waking up, stayed up too late last night
  • 7:55am - finally wake up on my own (to my credit we just had spring forward time!)
  • Look at email on phone in bed (trying to break this habit!) and delete a few unimportant ones
  • Think that I need to go let the chickens out (Matt is working out of town)
  • Remember that I want a ceramic egg dish for the fridge, Google egg dishes, find a few that I like, but realize that the one I really want is no longer available. Typical.
  • Drag myself out of bed, put on slippers and sweater
  • Jack joins me asking about the "morning list" that we are getting back to starting today. Only I haven't actually typed a new one out. I rattle off what I can think of that he needs to do: get dressed, make bed, brush teeth, feed pets, eat breakfast, practice piano
  • Go downstairs, turn off house alarm, put on "chicken shoes"
  • Open up hen house, feed hungry girls, promise them some kale later today
  • Back in the house, put kettle on stove for tea
  • Look at calendar/to do list
  • Give Kate a good morning hug when she comes downstairs
  • Go over morning list again with kids
  • Pull out and start heating griddle
  • Mix pancake batter (I still like my old recipe, but we are pretty addicted to this flapjack mix - but I add a couple eggs)
  • Feed Bristle the fish (kids' job, but he didn't look well when I changed his water last night - was afraid he might not be alive this morning and I wanted to find him, not the kids. He's fine.)
  • Start making pancakes (usually the kids do this, but somehow I got the job this morning)
  • Blog between flipping pancakes
  • Ask both kids to change clothes (they both were wearing things they slept in and called it "dressed." Um, no.)
  • Remember that I was making tea, start steeping my current favorite morning tea
  • Let kids eat breakfast while watching cartoons
  • Realize that Nina may not have been outside yet, let Nina out
  • Continue making pancakes
  • Talk to Matt on phone
  • Let Nina in
  • Watch Fletch with kids because it shows the dog sledding operation we've used the last two weeks (how cool is that?!?)
  • Finish pancakes, put dishes in dishwasher, sip tea
  • Text Matt about Fletch/dog sledding
  • Ask kids to clean up breakfast dishes
  • 9:15 Turn on Math U See DVD for kids to watch
  • Drop sweater in hand-me-down box to be sent to my sister-in-law
  • Pull out math worksheets for today
  • Update homeschool lesson book with last week's activities
  • Give kids math worksheets to do
  • Quick kitchen clean up
  • Answer some questions with Jack about multiple digit subtraction
  • Look up what books are due at the library - 3 overdue - oops!
  • Look at weather forecast for this afternoon so I know what to wear running
  • Step outside to see what high 40's feels like. Still don't know what to wear.
  • Check kids' math worksheets, feel happy that Jack isn't writing numbers backwards as much, realize that I need to work on my multiplication tables!
  • Send kids off to find overdue library books
  • Wash face, brush teeth, etc.
  • Lament that I have no mid-weight running clothes, put on shorts and long sleeve top
  • Kids still can't find library books, look with them, certain that I must have already returned them and the library is wrong and that I'm going to have to pay for them.
  • Pull out supplies for our Nile River project
  • Find pile of library books including overdue books under project supplies
  • Send kids off for more project supplies (ie Legos!)
  • Print off Zappos return form
  • Help kids line "Nile" with aluminum foil
  • Send kids outside to gather "river rocks"
  • Seal up Zappos return
  • Scan email on phone, delete a few
  • Give more project guidance
  • Open blinds
  • Start making lunches for homeschool program
  • Realize that bag of banana muffins are in car (doesn't everyone store their muffins in the car?!?)
  • Go to car, see that iPad was left in car, realize that iPad face shattered when Matt opened the car door last and the iPad dropped. Crud. Grrr. Move on.
  • Cut strawberries
  • Feel sick about iPad. Try to move on.
  • Watch kids flood the Nile project
  • Start to panic about leaving on time for homeschool program
  • Tell kids to get piano books and shoes and a snack (warmed up pancakes from earlier!)
  • Finish packing lunches - smoked salmon, sliced strawberries, banana muffin, kefir in a gotten
  • Put on running shoes and hat, grab a muffin to eat in the car, turn off a bunch of downstairs lights
  • Load kids and dog and myself in the car
  • 11am Drop kids off at homeschool program
  • Drive to grocery store while listening to audiobook
  • Buy just a few groceries - veggies for juice, berries for snacks, ingredients for tortellini soup and veggie taco filling
  • Discuss my potential as a grocery store manager with checkout guy (that was funny!)
  • Load groceries in car and drive home while listening to audiobook
  • Arrive home, let chickens out in yard, unload groceries, load Zappos return box in car
  • Decided I need to eat something before run, nothing sounds good, settle for a bowl of cereal
  • Go outside to tell Nina to stop barking, get sidetracked watching chickens
  • Text Matt and blog while eating cereal and listening to audiobook
  • Finish cereal, put dishes in dishwasher, decide I'm cold and want some tea, put on kettle
  • Start collecting running gear, have to go upstairs for water belt, wonder if the jelly beans in found in belt are too old, decide they are fine, grab yoga mat while upstairs, turn off assorted upstairs lights that have been left on, go downstairs
  • Go to fill water belt bottles with Gatorade, find empty Gatorade container, feel annoyed, add it to the grocery list, fill them with plain water
  • Steep tea, find sunglasses, read text from Matt
  • Put away groceries while drinking tea and listening to audiobook
  • Lure chickens back into coop with strawberry tops and kale, collect an egg, think it is going to be a bit breezy on my run
  • Remember that I need to order more BettaBowl Plus for the fish. I didn't do it last night because I wanted to make sure he survived until morning. Ordered 2 bottles plus a floating log fish toy (sucker!) off Amazon.
  • 12:15 Realize I'm procrastinating on running. Gather stuff and walk out door. Pretty good run. A little windy at times. A tree branch almost took me out. Ran out of time and had to hurry home.
  • 2:15 Home after 9.5 mile run, grab keys and a glass of chocolate milk, load dog in car, go get kids at homeschool program
  • Pick up kids, wait on Jack as he's helping the teacher, stretch my calves a little
  • 2:45 Pull in driveway, send kids to let chickens out into yard and gather eggs, put kettle on for afternoon tea, pull out my favorite crackers to snack on (I'm hungry but can't quite stomach a real meal after my run), turn on furnace because I'm cold
  • Check some email while I snack and drink tea, kids on trampoline and getting their own snacks
  • Empty box of cereal into container so Jack can use box for a project at homeschool academy later in week
  • Wonder why my kitchen is always such a mess... put a few things away, pull out some veggies for dinner tonight, chop onion/celery/carrots and start tortellini soup. Realize it is too late to make homemade rolls. Switch plan to drop biscuits.
  • Collect mail and other deliveries off front porch, sort mail, open boxes
  • Put new pillow form in chicken throw pillow
  • Read Egyptian hieroglyph book with kids and do a homeschool writing lesson
  • Kids interested in book from writing lesson. Looked up Moominland audiobooks. Couldn't find it. Put hold on books at library.
  • Have Jack take out recycling
  • Send kids outside to put away chickens and play
  • Pay little girl across the street for chicken sitting the last few weekends.
  • Take a really long, indulgent shower
  • Get dressed (in my new, favorite Pixie pants)
  • Finish making soup while listening to audiobook
  • Take a few minutes to eat some crackers and drink more chocolate milk as I can feel my blood sugar plummeting, read some blogs
  • Tell Jack to get ready for swimming
  • Serve up soup, turn off stove
  • Call Kate in and tell her to eat and get ready for swimming
  • Go upstairs, put on some make-up, dry hair, put on scarf, grab shoes
  • Go downstairs, sternly tell kids to eat, gather swimming gear, argue with Kate that she can not wait until after swimming to eat, agree that a banana is sufficient, load up in car
  • Drive to swim practice, eat my soup in the car
  • Take a picture of Kate while walking in to swim, get kids' swim caps and goggles on
  • 6pm Swim practice starts, take a couple deep breaths and relax, look at some magazines, talk to some parents, blog the photo of Kate, feel proud of my little swimmers
  • Send kids into locker rooms to change, drive home, talk to Matt while driving, unload all the gear, feed everyone more soup/crackers/fruit
  • Turn on lacrosse instruction videos for Jack to watch
  • Have Kate take out trash and feed pets
  • Take phone call from friend about lacrosse, call another friend about signing her son up for lacrosse
  • Send Jack up for a bath
  • Help Kate mix up chocolate chip cookie pie filling, put both pies in the oven, set timer
  • Send Kate up to get ready for bed
  • Pick up a few things around the kitchen, stare into space for a few minutes thinking/daydreaming
  • Go upstairs, check on Jack in tub
  • Hear smoke detector beeping, stand there waiting for it to beep again and figure out which one it is, pull the battery from the one I think is beeping
  • Tell Jack to get out of the tub
  • Get in bed with Kate, look at Justice catalog together, pick our favorite outfits on each page, kiss her goodnight, tell her I love her, set out her clothes for tomorrow
  • Get in bed with Jack, read a book, scratch his back/stomach/legs/arms, kiss him goodnight, tell him I love him
  • Hear a smoke detector beep, decide to change all the batteries
  • Go downstairs, check pies in oven, carry cooler and duffel from this weekend to basement, get new batteries
  • Put in new batteries in 2 smoke detectors, wish everyone goodnight again
  • 9pm Turn off my bedtime alarm (spring forward is throwing us all off!)
  • Let kitten in, put on chicken shoes and close chickens up for the night
  • Check phone for messages
  • Let Nina out
  • Get a big glass of water, blog while waiting last 5 minutes for pies to bake
  • Let Nina in
  • Clean up the kitchen a bit (again!), put soap in dishwasher to run later
  • Pull pies out to cool, turn off oven
  • Do half hour yoga class on Yoga Studio app
  • Tried to download intermediate class but apparently I don't have enough storage on my phone
  • Get side tracked reading blogs on phone while sitting on yoga mat
  • Still feeling hungry, want to eat chocolate chip cookie pie, ate a hot dog and drank a huge glass of water instead (I don't always make the wisest choices after my bedtime!)
  • Can't believe the kitchen is still messy since I feel like I've been cleaning it all day, not going to worry about it tonight, start the dishwasher on 4 hour delay
  • Turn off lights, go upstairs, set house alarm, brush teeth, wash face and get ready for bed while listening to audiobook
  • Move Jack to his bed (he fell asleep in my bed), turn off lights
  • Climb in bed, set morning alarm, read a bit
  • 10:30PM Turn off my light and go to sleep

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day Book 3.12.13

Outside my window... overcast and sprinkling. Not expected today. Rather I was not expecting it. Maybe the weatherman was. But I noticed yesterday morning that spring is in the air. Felt it again this morning when I went out early to let out the chickens. The air is cool but the breeze is slightly warmer.

I am thinking... a lot about what I want lately. Still no answer. Waiting and open to all the possibilities.

I am thankful for... Zappos. How did I buy shoes before Zappos?!?

From the kitchen... tortellini soup last night, puff pancake this morning, probably going to do veggie taco paninis tonight. Not sure what to make the rest of this week. Maybe a roasted chicken.
I am wearing... my plaid Christmas PJs from a few years ago and my grey fisherman's sweater. Laughed with Matt on the phone this morning that I'm a stereotypical housewife. Drove the kids to a homeschool program this morning in my PJs!
I am creating... After I'm done writing this, I think I will forget about the dishwasher than needs to be emptied and start basting the mermaid quilt for Kate.

I am going... to buy my husband a new car in the next couple weeks. Pretty sure we've sucked every last bit out of his current one. That car is currently sitting in the parking lot of our mountain place, unwilling to start.

I am reading... listening to The Forgotten Waltz. Still have all those other books on my bedside table. Mostly untouched over the last week.

I am hoping... that my tennis match today doesn't aggravate my back. I think I strained it ever-so-slightly on my run yesterday. Not bad, but there.

I am hearing... the lovely sound of silence. Just the hum of the fridge, my own tapping, the cat coming down the stairs, and Nina snoring beside me. If I listen really carefully, I can hear some birds outside.

Around the house...
so much I want to do, so little time and energy and resources. I did get a new pot at the Le Creuset outlet. It was a 2nd so it was relatively inexpensive. Made soup in it last night. Made me happy.

One of my favorite things... soup served in mugs

A few plans for the rest of the week: more tennis than the last few weeks (good!), lacrosse practice starts for Jack plus his first spring game, a few runs, a  yoga class, St Pat's 5k for me, nothing overly exciting.

Here is a picture I am sharing: snow fun

Monday, March 11, 2013

Right Now

Walking in to swim team practice.

Her sense of style makes me try a little harder. Tween years fill me with an equal mix of dread and joy.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

This Weekend

Tomorrow is Uncle Mark's birthday, and we celebrated with him this weekend. Chili for dinner, chocolate chip cookie pie for dessert (a new-to-me recipe - really rich!), and dog sledding. (We loved it so much last weekend, that we took Uncle Mark back this weekend!)
Uncle Mark is one of the few people who drives me to drink! ;)
Chocolate Chip Cookie Birthday Pie
Too many candles!
Love him!
Uncle Mark driving the dogs
Matt driving, Mark riding just before...
The big wipeout!
Me driving
Last week I was the only one to fall off. This week I was the only one to stay on!

I really want my own team of dogs...

Thursday, March 07, 2013


Routine dentist appointment led to 2 fewer teeth for Jack.
(the other one had her first cavity found and filled... 
fortunately it was small and in a baby tooth)
Love the toothless grin, but when do little boys start smiling semi-normally for photos? 
(and learn to clean their faces?!? I think that's jelly on his cheek &  forehead! What kind of mom does he have to let him walk around looking like that?!?)
After all that, we explored the world of mammoths, mastodons 
and other Colorado prehistoric creatures at the science museum. 
(We were supposed to be studying the mummies, but we got side tracked. Next visit!)
A little dinner at my favorite Denver pizza place.
A little shopping at the big REI.
And now we are snug little bugs, 
cozy in the mountains, 
and waiting for some snow.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Day Book 3.4.13

Outside my window... looks nice but was a bit chilly when I went out to open up the chickens. A bit more sun now so hopefully it will warm up. I should check the forecast.

I am thinking... that I really want to get back to a regular yoga class. Not going to happen this week, but next week I've already got a class on the calendar. But not Bikram. I really want to try something new (for me!).

I am thankful for... my home.

From the kitchen... no chai this morning. Trying to transition my chai to an afternoon snack. I think it is a bit too much sugar in the morning and keeps me from eating. Have a puff pancake in the oven for breakfast (needed to use up some eggs!), will probably make egg salad for lunch since I broke 4 hard boiled eggs by accident this morning, and never did make sweet potato soup last week. Maybe tonight for dinner.
I am wearing... my Eddie Bauer flannel PJ pants (they make them in tall sizes!), black tank top and my grey fisherman sweater. After my shower, I'm going to wear my new J Crew Pixie pants. I LOVE these pants. I've worn them almost everyday since I bought them last week. Cute, comfy, stretchy, sexy(?). I think I'm going to get another pair in navy. Just need to make sure I didn't get this pair too big - they definitely stretch out a bit.

I am creating... Still staring at that quilt for Kate. I might bring my sewing machine to the mountains this week.

I am going... to run 10 miles today. It's the deciding run for the potential half marathon in April. If I feel okay, I'll sign up. If I feel crappy, probably not.

I am reading... still reading The Optimistic Child. Good but not a page turner. Finished Death Comes to Pemberly - eh - it was okay. Listening to The End of the Affair (Colin Firth is the narrator - love his voice!). It all seemed familiar, although I knew I hadn't read the book before. Then I realized that I had seen the movie.

I am hoping... that a magic fairy shows up and cleans my kitchen sometime this morning.

I am hearing... a Gavin DeGraw CD playing. Kate got it from my BIL, but I've absconded with it.

Around the house...
my new desk area is on the list this week. It has become the dumping ground. Hoping to at least get it sorta straightened up.

One of my favorite things... dogsledding! I now want my own team of dogs...

A few plans for the rest of the week: normal weekly activities; not much tennis this week because of court renovations; more time/energy for running; lunch with some friends; dentist appt for the kids (got to make myself an appt); more time in the mountains for spring skiing

Here is a picture I am sharing: Matt CAT skiing a few weeks ago

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Right Now

Look what we just did! SO much fun!!
I'm the only driver that fell off...

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Just a Glimpse

For friends that know my house. I switched the dining room and the TV room around. Now the dining room is open to the living room and the old dining room is more of a true family room. Loving it, although it needs lot of finishing work - rugs, artwork rehung, maybe a new piece of furniture or two.

Seems I am not so good about taking before photos. When I get an idea, I want to get started right away and forget to take any pictures.
Living room open into *new* dining room
It feels so much bigger. Really want to find a rug for here.
New dining room looking into living room.
Need to have light fixture added over table.
I'll take better pics after things are more "done."
New family room/old dining room
(still have the old light fixture hanging)
Going to be really cozy after
a bit of fixing up.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

February Miles

Funny I thought I was a bit inactive this month, but I did more than last month. Still not as much as I'd like. I'll get there. Feeling inspired to start back to strength training.

Running - 39 miles
Tennis - 14 hours = 56 miles
Hike - 1 mile (it was supposed to be longer but weather moved in!)
Swim - .5 (Grrr... that was just once in the water and too short at that)
February Total: 98 miles
2013 YTD Total: 177.75 miles

Friday, March 01, 2013

Looking Forward to Today

Today is going to be a good day. I know it. March 1. Spring comes this month, and I am ready for some Spring. I know true Spring won't really be here for awhile, but I want a taste of it. The promise that it is coming. Someday soon.

I almost got side tracked writing about seasons and a spiritual book I read about the need for seasons, but that's not what I wanted to write about. I want to write about today. (The seasons thing would probably be more interesting than today, but this is my blog so I'm going to write what I feel like!)

The kids and I drove up to the mountains last night. We had originally planned to go the science museum in Denver before coming up here, but I was having a blah day. The kind of day that makes me just want to daydream. So I looked online for dream cottages in Colorado and Minnesota and Hawaii. I took a nap. I chatted with a few good friends. I cleaned out my closet. Finally it was so late in the day that we decided to wait until Matt was done working, have dinner with him and then head up.
This is out the back. That big icicle fell
while I was writing. 
The drive was dark. And windy. And then really snowy and slippery. But despite a little fish tailing coming down the pass, I always enjoy the drive. Two hours to do nothing but listen to music or a book, talk to a friend, or just think. A transition time from the business of life to our little escape.

So today. Today!
The kids are going to ski school. What great little skiers they are becoming. Jack has officially passed me up. Maybe not in form, but in fearless ability to get down anything. Kate is probably a better skier but is much more timid. She takes after her mom. They always complain about leaving for ski school but enjoy it once they are there.

And for a few hours, I'll have the mountains to myself.

*Break in writing for breakfast and ski gear gathering and ski school drop off*
So the kids are off. I made a quick stop at the grocery for milk so I can have a chai later today. I made myself a tall glass of juice (my current favorite recipe is kale, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger - impossible to feel unhealthy after drinking that!) and am currently cozy in front of the fire. I'm going to do a long meditation (I haven't been meditating lately and I definitely feel the need), then I think I'll go snowshoeing to get outside. Also on today's list is a nap, some magazine reading, and a treadmill run (it is too snowy to run outside and later I'll probably take the kids to swim while I run). Need to use a little time to be productive  - catching up on emails, look over my to do list, etc. And most certainly there will be some time for daydreaming...

A good day.