Friday, February 15, 2013

Sweets for My Sweet

Kate and I came across that saying sometime in the last couple of days. It took her a few moments to get it, but once she did, she thought it was great. I've heard it many times since.

Low key V-Day around here. But nice.

Kids and I made a variation of a favorite cookie (idea from here) for Matt.
Matt had asked for these at Christmas, but, to be completely honest, I don't like them so much. And there are so many other special, yummy cookies to make at Christmas. So I didn't make them. We decided last night that we should make them every Valentine's Day instead. And so a family tradition begins.

I had planned to make something fun for dinner... like heart shaped calzones. But life (or in this case tennis!) happens, and it didn't get done. Indian take out took its place. I think everyone might have been happier with Indian food.
We wrapped up the romantic evening with some table tennis (literally on the dining room table!). Kids are getting better. If we can get the basement cleaned up, we might invest in a ping pong table soon.

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