Monday, February 04, 2013


I haven't blogged about running in awhile. Maybe that's because I haven't really been running in awhile...

I ran the Austin Half marathon last February, and I feel like my running has just spiraled down ever since. I can partially blame that on an increase in tennis, partially blame the change in my schedule from homeschooling, and mostly blame my laziness.

But that is all changing with the start of 2013. I'm determined to keep track of my running miles through the whole year. And I'd really like to hit 1000 miles for 2013.

Now there is no way I can keep up my tennis schedule and run 1000 miles. My feet and ankles would not have it. So I've decided to convert my tennis hours to miles to reach that goal. I've always given myself credit for biking and swimming and hiking, so why not tennis also? After doing a little online research (about METS and calories and such), I've decided to give myself 4 miles for every hour of tennis. Seems that is underestimating quite a bit for singles and about right for doubles. Other cross training will be 3 miles on bike = 1 mile run and 1 mile swim = 4 mile run. I think that is all the activities I do (And don't get all picky if you don't agree with my numbers. This isn't supposed to be an exact science. Just a way for me to compare and log my "miles")

Other newish thing with running is that I am training for another half marathon. I think. I started the plan and will see how it goes. Just a local race the beginning of April. Really hoping to stay motivated.

So I started my half marathon "plan" last week while on our cruise. Have you ever run on a treadmill on a boat? I did NOT find it easy. I'm pretty sensitive to motion, and the first treadmill I was on made me feel like puking within seconds of running (walking was fine, just running made me feel sick). The treadmill had a gorgeous view of the ocean, but the boat movement, the visual wave movement plus the treadmill movement did me in. I moved to treadmill with no view and did much better. No puking, but my balance was WAY off. Still managed to get a few runs in on the treadmill. Tried to convince Matt that I was running farther (or at least faster!) because the ship was moving forward in addition to the treadmill moving. Matt didn't buy my physics theory. Something about my mass already moving at the same speed as the ship. Blah!

I also got one run done on the promenade. That would have been my preference for all my runs, but every time I went out to run, part of the deck was closed for cleaning. Next trip.

So after all that nonsense, here is my totals for the month of January... not bad considering I was down with the flu for 10 days plus took a 10 day vacation...

Running - 34.5 miles
Tennis - 10.5 hours = 42 miles
Hike - 3 miles
Swim - .25 = 1 mile (pathetic, but I have my reasons...)
January total: 79.75 miles
2013 YTD total: 79.75

Now off to do an early afternoon run!

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ashlee bell said...

In the immortal words of Peter Cetera and/or Chicago..."You're the in-spir-a-a-a-a-ation!"

Go girl!