Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mudroom ReDo

The construction of our mudroom was finished a few weeks ago, but it took me a bit longer to find the containers I wanted, order them, and get things somewhat organized.

** This was going to be the before photo,
but apparently I didn't take one. Just
imagine a mess of coats and shoes and
sports gear. No organization at all**

I found the hooks for inside the cubbies at Anthropologie. Couldn't decide on a single color, so I went with one of each (I love the look of all four colors so much that I'm thinking about redecorating my whole house around the hooks!). The buckets match the hooks (except Matt's gray buckets and yellow hooks). I'm really happy with the combo of colorful containers and natural wicker baskets. The baskets happen to fit perfectly and are good and sturdy. And still mostly empty... to be filled with junk soon enough.
I'm considering vinyl letters to label the buckets with our names. And I've seen some cute chalkboard labels that I might add to the baskets. We'll see. I also would prefer a more colorful rug, but the waterhog mat we have is just so good for snow and mud. Wish it came in fun colors or prints (when adding the link, I see that there are some brighter colors now. Hmmm....)
The opposite wall is unchanged. Some dirty boots, tennis balls, tennis bag, 2 blue bird hooks for kids backpacks and swimming bags. And a mirror for a quick check (or cringe, depending on the day) as we walk out the door. Behind the interior door is kids' sporting equipment - tennis rackets, lacrosse sticks, etc.

And I just noticed that bright brassy doorknob. Yuck. Going to have Matt change that this week.

Feeling pretty good to have a house project done.


Tiffany said...

I LOVE IT!! I am green with envy - I would love a mud room like this! We throw everything in to a closet and it never stays cleaned up and is hard to find stuff. This is amazing!

PopMom said...

Fantastic! congratulations!