Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Disney Cruise

We went on a Disney Cruise last week! It was my mom, my dad, my grandma, and the four of us. It was magical.


The ship was really beautiful. Our room (we opted for a suite on the concierge floor) was spacious, everything was clean, the entertainment suited kids, the food was yummy, the service was impeccable. There were just SO. MANY. KIDS. Ugh.

I know. I shouldn't be surprised. What did I expect on a Disney Cruise, right? I just didn't imagine quite that many babies and toddlers and preschoolers. I love (love!) babies and toddlers and preschoolers, just not that many all at once in a confined space. Even more annoying to me is all the parents vying for the best spot for there child. The "I don't care if your child can't see, but MY child needs to have the best view" sorta attitude. Blah. I sound like my dad (Love you, Dad!).

Fortunately my kids have pretty much outgrown wanting to visit with the Disney characters. No long lines to have our picture taken with Mickey, Minnie, Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Minnie in her beach outfit, Mickey in his tux, Mickey and Minnie in their pirate outfits (and on and on and on!), thank goodness. Unfortunately, I now have the kid (hint: he's a boy and his name starts with a "J") that likes to punch Chip and Dale on the nose when he sees them. Lovely.

Disney does do a lot right. I was probably most impressed with the hand sanitizing. Getting on and off the ship, before each meal, in and out of the kids' areas, basically all the time. Guess is makes sense... all those kids in a confined space... too bad hand wipes can't keep whining and crying at bay... (am I a crank or what?!?)

Our cruise left out of Galveston on a Saturday. We were at sea Sunday and Monday. In Grand Cayman on Tuesday. Cozumel on Wednesday. At sea Thursday, and back to Galveston Friday morning. Our family stayed in Galveston Friday night (Mardi Gras!) and then went to see Matt's dad and other relatives outside Houston Saturday/Sunday.

Matt had never been on a cruise (an overnight ferry with a sandwich bar is NOT a cruise!), and the only other cruise I've been on was to Alaska almost 20 years ago. It was typical in that we ate. A lot. I really like being active all day and cleaning up for dinner every evening. I wish that was our normal lifestyle. We all had different activities that we enjoyed on the ship. Kate and Ama (my mom) liked the evening shows; Jack liked the kids' lab and the arcade; Grandma, my dad and Jack liked Bingo (we won a $400 jackpot!); Matt liked the morning spin class; I liked sitting on the deck reading!

We did an exciting excursion on Grand Cayman (which I'll blog about once I get the photos downloaded) then only had about an hour to sit on the beach. That was a pretty beach. Could have sat there for a week. We really wanted to go snorkeling or to the big ruins in Cozumel, but neither worked for various reasons. Instead we went on a beach excursion. More on that also after pictures.

So there you have it. Our first family cruise. We had a great time, and now we know what to expect for future cruises. I would definitely like to have more stops, more time in port, less sea time, and possibly a cruise with less of a focus on kids. I've got my sights set on a Mediterranean cruise and/or an Alaskan cruise in the next few years...

Photos to follow soon!


Stephanie said...

Oh, thank you! We are doing the exact same itinerary, though we are leaving out of Miami. I am stuck on trying to figure out which shore excursions to do in Cozumel and Grand Cayman - did you guys do the dolphin one? I think Syd and Adam would love that.

Glad to hear the focus on cleanliness! I am not super excited about all the kids either....but at least you were on the smaller ship (Wonder and Magic) Can you imagine the bigger ships that hold 4000 people? WAY too many kids, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Our honeymoon cruise had some less than fine features, but the best part was Grand Cayman. I would love to go back there!! Glad you got to visit and can't wait to see more pics!! Melissa (and Hayden)