Monday, January 14, 2013

The Flu

We had it all last week. It stinks. The only one who didn't get sick is Matt. He got the flu shot. Boo.

Mid-week I texted my good friend and pediatrician and told her next fall when it is time for the flu vaccines to remind me how crappy I feel.

The amazing thing is that I actually accomplished a decent amount despite feeling like I could drop dead at any moment.  Probably because we hunkered down for most of the week. It was a good, cold week to be homebound.

I'm determined to follow the Home Storage Solutions declutter program, and I'm actually almost two full weeks ahead (preparing for the weeks we'll be on vacation and for any times when I might lack motivation). I rearranged my whole kitchen and pantry. Pulled it all out - every last can/appliance/utensil - and set it all over the kitchen. Went through the pile one by one. Didn't get rid of much (just a medium sized box), but I took some advice and moved some items out of prime storage real estate. So much happier with the new setup, even if we can't remember where anything is.

I also got a bit of batch cooking done. It *might* have been a delay tactic when I got a bit overwhelmed by the kitchen reorganization. Because what better time to start cooking up a storm than when there is stuff on every surface of your kitchen?? Made a double batch of red beans with sausage (for red beans and rice all winter), 18 salmon cakes for the freezer, cherry chocolate chop cookie dough balls in the freezer, a triple batch of Chex mix, and at least one more something that I can't quite recall at the moment.

We also got an extra week of school vacation as I gave up on starting back to homeschooling last week. There was just no way. But I also cleaned and rearranged our homeschool room (did I blog about turning my office into our homeschool room? I love it!) so we were ready to start fresh again this morning. And we did start fresh... this afternoon...

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Angela Miller said...

I'm glad you are all feeling better! Please share pictures of your school room!!!! I love to see where everyone else learns :)