Sunday, January 06, 2013

2013 Goals

So just writing about not feeling like blogging made me feel like blogging again! That, and it is goal setting time for me, which I love. And for which I always feel more accountable if I share. We've been up in the mountains since last weekend (9 whole days!) which has been lovely and relaxing. But since we started the New Year on vacation, I haven't really had the chance or felt the need to get going on goals. We are heading home this evening, and now I'm ready!

I'm going to keep it pretty easy for myself this year. I decided to give myself another year on my 40 for 40 list (which maybe I'll update later this week). I might also switch up some things on the list.

Maybe I'll just keep it at that. I have a few new life projects that I'm starting, but I don't really know if I want to make them into *New Year Resolutions* per se. That list includes:
  • "Get Back to Organized" plan (because I'm just not quite where I want to be with life organization... and I don't really even have a plan... just taking it one step/project at a time), 
  • an effort to teach myself to be independent with strength training
  • some changes in our homeschool plan (more specific character building, start a meditation practice with the kids, etc)
  • I would still like to work through Simple Mom's One Bite at a Time list.
  • I'm also going to try this 52 Weeks Organizing Challenge from Home Storage Solutions 101, because I am a complete sucker for programs/challenges/lists/etc.
And maybe I'll blog about what I get accomplished, and maybe I won't...

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Angela Miller said...

I just read my email from the Home Storage Solutions 101 before coming to your blog! I really need to follow through with this. I need to tweak some things around here and I'm hoping this gives me the tools I need to do it.