Sunday, November 04, 2012

Weekly To Do List 11.4.12

Got a little side tracked this last week with some rearranging of spaces, so I was actually surprised to see that I got so much crossed off on this list!
  1. Vote (at least I've finally decided!)
  2. Get kids' Canadian citizenship paperwork notarized (remembered that they need photos taken first)
  3. Complete Reality Checklist for Organized Christmas - a few things are rolling over to this week, but not many
  4. Clean fishbowl and hedgehog cage - poor Boots!
  5. Do fall cleaning of chicken coop
  6. Winterize garden
  7. Order new living room rug
  8. Clean office (it has fallen into a massive state of disarray - worse than usual!!)
  9. Put out bird feeders
  10. Update Mvelopes budget
This week's list. Trying to keep it easy by adding some of my "undones" from the last 2 weeks of Organized Christmas to my weekly list. I'm feeling like I have a bit too much on my plate right now.

  1. Vote
  2. Get kids' photos taken for Canadian citizenship paperwork
  3. Clean the hedgehog cage
  4. Put out bird feeders (I've directed Matt on where I want them... hoping he'll do the rest!)
  5. Complete Gifts and Giving Week Checklist from Organized Christmas
  6. Figure out holiday card photo (either choose one from earlier this year or take one)
  7. Inventory my gift closet (and make a pile of unwanted gifts to give to Toys for Tots)
  8. Print holiday card address labels
  9. Apologize to my sewing machine for abandoning it and finish an important gift
  10. Go for a run (I haven't been since I got back from Croatia! Yikes!)

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