Saturday, November 17, 2012

Well, Hello

I feel like it has been a long time since I've actually *written* anything on my blog (photos and to do lists and daybook posts don't count!). The kids and I arrived yesterday at my parents' home in Dallas for a long Thanksgiving visit. Kate and Jack basking in the grandparent attention, and I'm enjoying a little down time.

The drive here is always fairly enjoyable to me. We usually split it into two 6 hour days leaving one afternoon and arriving by the next afternoon. I mostly let the kids zone out with their iPods while I listen to podcasts or a book on tape. I finished listening to Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter which, despite being rather gory, was a fun book with an interesting premise. I like the interplay of history and fantasy. After finishing, I started right in on Talent is Overrated which my sister recommended to me. When I get on a subject kick, I usually read all I can. My last interest was happiness, but now I'm on to talent/practice. Look for a lot of related book reads.

All this reading on talent (and a bit on success) has me rethinking some of our homeschool focus. I don't think I'll make any drastic changes, just tweaks. The homeschooling is going really well overall. I should do a big blog post on what we've done so far this year and the adjustments we've made as we go. And about how much I have learned/re-learned.

It is also getting to that time of year when I really start looking forward to the next year. I love everything about goal setting - planning, setting, reviewing, achieving, adjusting. I need to do a review of my 40 for 40 list. I haven't blogged about it since last June. There is no way I'll get everything on the list done in 2012. Not even close. I've decided to give myself my entire 40th year (so until my 41st birthday next Sept) to complete the list. Shoot, maybe I'll even give myself the entire decade! Even though I'll continue with my 40 list, I've also been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish in 2013. Have a bit of a brainstorming list started, but I need to organize and prioritize over the next few weeks.

I have hope that this week will be a kick start for me to get back into two things again - blogging and running. Both have fallen to the wayside this fall. I'd like to be able to blame homeschooling, but I still could find the time if I really put in an effort. Hopefully I'll do both tomorrow?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

To Do List 11.11.12

Didn't do so well this week... overestimated how much I could get done with back to back house guests!
  1. Vote
  2. Get kids' photos taken for Canadian citizenship paperwork
  3. Clean the hedgehog cage
  4. Put out bird feeders
  5. Complete Gifts and Giving Week Checklist from Organized Christmas (some but not as much as I wanted...)
  6. Figure out holiday card photo
  7. Inventory my gift closet (and make a pile of unwanted gifts to give to Toys for Tots)
  8. Print holiday card address labels (I made a noble attempt but ran into some difficulty)
  9. Apologize to my sewing machine for abandoning it and finish an important gift
  10. Go for a run
Some things not on the list that I managed to get done

  1. Bring in rosemary plant (every year I forget and every year it dies in the cold - not this year!)
  2. Cleaned pantry cabinet
  3. Folded and put away LOTS of laundry
  4. Partially reorganized homeschool room and desk after big moves and new furniture

For this week... hopeful but already doubtful that I'll finish my list for this week

  1. Get kids' photos taken for Canadian citizenship paperwork
  2. Clean the hedgehog cage (poor, poor hedgehog!!)
  3. Put out bird feeders
  4. Complete Gifts and Giving Week Checklist from Organized Christmas
  5. Inventory my gift closet (and make a pile of unwanted gifts to give to Toys for Tots)
  6. Make changes to address book to prep for printing address labels
  7. Apologize to my sewing machine for abandoning it and finish an important gift
  8. Call to return new living room rug that I don't like
  9. Take a Zappos return to the UPS store
  10. Do exchange of dance wear for Kate
ps - it's my favorite date of the year 11/11

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Weekly To Do List 11.4.12

Got a little side tracked this last week with some rearranging of spaces, so I was actually surprised to see that I got so much crossed off on this list!
  1. Vote (at least I've finally decided!)
  2. Get kids' Canadian citizenship paperwork notarized (remembered that they need photos taken first)
  3. Complete Reality Checklist for Organized Christmas - a few things are rolling over to this week, but not many
  4. Clean fishbowl and hedgehog cage - poor Boots!
  5. Do fall cleaning of chicken coop
  6. Winterize garden
  7. Order new living room rug
  8. Clean office (it has fallen into a massive state of disarray - worse than usual!!)
  9. Put out bird feeders
  10. Update Mvelopes budget
This week's list. Trying to keep it easy by adding some of my "undones" from the last 2 weeks of Organized Christmas to my weekly list. I'm feeling like I have a bit too much on my plate right now.

  1. Vote
  2. Get kids' photos taken for Canadian citizenship paperwork
  3. Clean the hedgehog cage
  4. Put out bird feeders (I've directed Matt on where I want them... hoping he'll do the rest!)
  5. Complete Gifts and Giving Week Checklist from Organized Christmas
  6. Figure out holiday card photo (either choose one from earlier this year or take one)
  7. Inventory my gift closet (and make a pile of unwanted gifts to give to Toys for Tots)
  8. Print holiday card address labels
  9. Apologize to my sewing machine for abandoning it and finish an important gift
  10. Go for a run (I haven't been since I got back from Croatia! Yikes!)

Thursday, November 01, 2012

DayBook 11.1.12

Outside my window... dark. It is only 5:30am, although I've been up for over an hour. Not sure if it is insomnia or just enough sleep the last few nights.

I am thinking... about all my friends. I really like my friends.

I am thankful for... for quiet morning time to myself.

From the kitchen... fall always inspires me to cook. Dinner tonight will either be lasagna from the freezer or roasted chicken in the crockpot with acorn squash. Also want to make split pea soup soon. And roasted veggies. And white bean soup. I'm also going to freeze some garlic bread since Matt came home last night with two large loaves of bread which we didn't eat.

I am wearing... long tee shirt that has become a PJ top with black leggings, long sweater because our house is always cold and my fuzzy leopard print slippers

I am creating... Christmas presents! Everything is coming together nicely. Branching out a bit this year for one gift. Getting to know the guys in the hardware store pretty well.

I am going... to have a spa day today! Lucky me!

I am reading... nada, mostly. Still working my way through Suite Francaise. It is a good book, just not a page turner. And I feel like I can hardly call it reading when I only pick it up once a week or so!

I am hoping... that I'll get around to blogging about homeschool one of these days. Let's just say we are all still really enjoying it!

I am hearing... 
the space heater keeping the hedgehog warm and the kitten purring beside me.

Around the house... making fun changes! I finally got sick of homeschooling at the dining room table. I really don't use my office much anymore except as a dumping ground. Moved some furniture around, and the office has now become the homeschool room (and, if/when the kids go back to school, it will be a homework room). It is usable, but will need another week or two before it is complete as I shuffle things around. We moved my desk to the little alcove between the kitchen and the mudroom. There is an old built-in (the creative cabinet) that is barely functional, so we are going to take that out and officially make it a desk area for paying bills, filing, desktop use. My book collection has been displaced, but I think we'll move a bookcase next to my side of the bed to house them. I'll blog some pics when it comes together a bit more.

One of my favorite things... Halloween candy!! 

A few plans for the rest of the week: How is it Thursday already? And November?!? I mentioned my spa day, but also a program for the kids at the library, tennis make-up match, a birthday party, and my father-in-law is in town. Oh - and an extra hour this weekend!

Here is a picture I am sharing: Silly kitten stuck up in the tree... again! I admit that I wasn't really wild about this animal when we first got her, but she has really grown on me the last few months. Such a character!
(No Halloween photos of the kids to share... all pictures have friends in them, and I didn't get one of my kids together!)