Sunday, October 28, 2012

To Do - Week of Oct 27th

I want to get back to my weekly To Do lists. It really helps me feel like I've accomplished something through the week. I usually also give myself a short (3-ish things) daily to do list in addition to the weekly list. This is my list that I wrote on the plane for myself last week.

  1. Find Matt's Canadian passport & print renewal application - DONE! plus I got the kids' Canadian citizenship applications started
  2. Organize Christmas binder - DONE!
  3. RSVP parties x2 - DONE! yes to one, no to another
  4. Find babysitter - NA - rsvp'd no to that party...
  5. Kate's costume - DONE!
  6. Jack's costume - DONE!
  7. My costume - NA - rsvp'd no to that party...
  8. Decorate for Halloween - DONE! (mostly by the kids... we are not Martha...)
  9. Order birthday presents for cousins - DONE!
  10. Vote - not done... just. can't. decide... much to the dismay of my friends on both sides...
Here's my list for this week

  1. Vote
  2. Get kids' Canadian citizenship paperwork notarized
  3. Complete Reality Checklist for Organized Christmas
  4. Clean fishbowl and hedgehog cage
  5. Do fall cleaning of chicken coop
  6. Winterize garden
  7. Order new living room rug
  8. Clean office (it has fallen into a massive state of disarray - worse than usual!!)
  9. Put out bird feeders
  10. Update Mvelopes budget

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