Sunday, October 07, 2012

Glacier/Waterton Trip Days 4-6

From our trip this summer. Wish I could find more words to describe what a great trip it was. Photos will have to do.

After 3 nights on the west side of the park (Apgar campground), we moved to the east side of the park and camped at Many Glacier. This is a first come, first serve campground that fills up quickly. Matt gets lots of kudos as a great husband and dad for getting up early, driving over to find us a site, driving BACK to get us and the camper, and then BACK AGAIN to the new campsite. It was a lovely campground right on the river. The kids could have spent 3 days playing in the river, but we did manage to get in a boat ride and a few hikes. I loved that there was a camp restaurant not far away. Nothing like a big pancake breakfast cooked on a greasy griddle after a few nights of camping!

There was a huge rainstorm our first night in Many Glacier. That camper was well worth its price as the rain poured down!
River that runs by camp
River play
Suspension bridge
Can't remember what lake this is! St. Mary's?
Great spot for a picnic
Suspension bridge on the return trip
Hiking back to catch the boat
Another great picnic spot
Mama bear with 3 babies
See all 3?? Plus Mama behind the tree

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