Tuesday, September 18, 2012

High Country Weekend

Has it been 10 days since I blogged? The best of intentions...

My sister was in Colorado for 2 weeks, and we loved having her around so much. Embarrassingly, I took very few photos while she was here. Maybe because we were too busy having fun.

This past weekend, we took our camper up to Uncle Mark's place on the mighty Colorado River. The trip was too short, but we sure did a lot - a little help in the workshop, high country drive in the Polaris with amazing Aspen views, family float trip (with Nina Sprinkles!) down the Colorado, kayak practice in the boat Uncle Mark made for the kids, dinner with more extended family, and target practice with BB guns.
Helping in the workshop 

Kayak practice

Too big!

Photos from our float trip are with Uncle Mark. Hopefully I can share those soon.

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