Monday, September 24, 2012

DayBook 9.24.12

Outside my window... kids are jumping on the trampoline with a neighbor's granddaughter; chickens, cats and dog are all watching. Lovely overcast day.

I am thinking... that today is my last day in my 30's. Sad, yet not. Amazing how fast time marches forward.

I am thankful for... every birthday I've had. As Miss D says, "Having a birthday is better than the alternative!"

From the kitchen... there is a cake just coming out of the oven that the kids are hiding from me and that I am oblivious to. Made lasagna over the weekend. One for dinner, five for the freezer. Will probably make sweet potato and black bean enchiladas this week and maybe some more sweet potato soup.

I am wearing... my wider leg jeans, white tee and drape neck sweater (if I was wearing shoes, I'd be wearing my red ones!)

I am creating... some quilts that I'd like to have done by Christmas. One is on the machine being quilted (almost done!), and Kate's is on the design board (waiting on a few other fabrics to arrive in the mail)

I am going... to be 40 tomorrow! (And I can't stop telling people!)

I am reading...  nothing of my own right now (I've been on a podcast kick), but the kids and I are working through The Secret Garden.

I am hoping... for a good next decade.

I am hearing... kids laughing, dishwasher running, Matt putting away chicken feed

Around the house... is bad right now... really bad... okay, not THAT bad, but I haven't had time to do much beyond pick up lately.

One of my favorite things... birthdays!

A few plans for the rest of the week: lots and lots

Here is a picture I am sharing: got nothin'

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