Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Woodland Toy

Feeling a bit overwhelmed today. Seems like I'm chasing my tail and can't get anything accomplished. Also actively avoiding some necessary tasks.

What to do on this situation? Blog about something fairly inconsequential! (Although this is a really nice little story.)

We went out for ice cream our first afternoon in Waterton. While waiting in a rather long line, the kids were admiring some toys sold in the shop. Out of the blue, a lady walks up to us and asks if she can do something nice for our children (there was also some comment about how beautiful & well behaved she thought they were, but I'll spare you the momma gushing...). Thinking she wanted to get them sprinkles for their ice cream or some other small indulgence, we said yes. She then proceeded to purchase a large stuffed animal/tree toy for the kids.

How generous is that? It really made an impact on the kids & they entertained themselves for hours with it.

Need to remember to pass it on.

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