Thursday, August 16, 2012


Last year I made an enormous batch of vanilla to give as Christmas gifts. It is incredibly easy to make and much better than store bought vanilla (there are lots of "recipes" for vanilla all over the internet - I used a mixture of vodka, rum and brandy. My vanilla took a good 4-5 months to become nice and dark). I've kept the vanilla going in two half gallon canning jars that I keep in my pantry. Just about the time one jar is empty, the other jar is ready. I just add more alcohol to the empty jar and let it sit for a few months. I bottled some yesterday and thought I might share.
 It makes a great little gift for all occasions... birthdays, hostesses, etc.
Sometimes I make vanilla sugar (my proportions are 1 vanilla bean : 3 cups sugar) to give with the vanilla. I just can't keep it around the house or I'll eat it - straight from the bottle!
I also make the labels. Some people seem more impressed with the labels than the vanilla and sugar! I simply use 2" round Avery labels and "design" them on the Avery website.

It looks cute all packaged up!


Susan P said...

I love this as an idea for Christmas presents! So practical, but gourmet. Where do you get your vanilla beans?

Stephanie said...

I LOVE this! I learned how to make my own vanilla extract when I went to Paris a few years ago and it tastes so much better...I just used rum, though. I think I am going to make some for Christmas gifts now...what a great idea!

Greenstylemom said...

I got the beans online from Amadeus Vanilla Beans (have to google it because I don't know how to add the link in my comment!)