Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Little Mermaid

Kate has been begging me to make her a mermaid tail for quite awhile. We purchased the material earlier this summer (with a 50% off coupon - outfitting a mermaid is expensive!!). Finally found the time (and energy!) to make it this weekend.
It wasn't difficult at all. Followed this tutorial. My only tip is to cut the fabric so the greater stretch is across the width... I made this one with the greater stretch lengthwise which made it difficult to fit in the fin tail. I also left out the elastic at the waist. Did a fold over seam, and Kate folds it down like yoga pants (or up for a full body suit!).

I have a pretty happy mermaid!
She still wants to take it to the swimming pool so she can swim like a "real" mermaid... not sure what the lifeguards will say!
The hot tub will have to do for now.


Angela Miller said...

That is so cute!!! I love it. I'll have to tuck that tutorial away for when Isla get bigger.

Stephanie said...

Kristin, WOW!!! That is incredible. Sydney has wanted one forever, and found one in some catalog that you can swim with. But this is awesome. You are such a cool mom...I wish I could sew!

Penny said...

AWesome! I had better not show Lydia or she will want one ;-P

Clover said...

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brianna said...

this girl is adorable.


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