Friday, August 17, 2012

Homeschool: Summer Olympics

We eased into homeschooling by doing a unit on the Summer Olympics.
Olympic Training Center
Muscle Man
We all learned a lot, and studying made watching the Olympics that much more fun. One thing I have to do with homeschooling is to limit myself and realize that we can't do EVERYTHING related to our study subject. I would have liked to study more about specific Olympic athletes, but we mainly kept it to Olympic symbols and history. Of course, there is always Rio in four years...

Summer Olympic Resources:
(in no particular order)
Yup, those are cupcakes!
I have an Olympics Board on Pinterest with more ideas that we didn't use. We are also doing a bit of London study next week as a follow-up to the Olympics, so some of the pins on the Olympic board will be in my London resources.

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