Thursday, August 02, 2012

Camping Trip in Numbers

8 nights camping
3 nights on the road
2500+ miles
3 campsites
2 national parks (Glacier & Waterton)
2 countries
2 border crossings
2 times we had to pop the camper at the border crossings to pull out "illegal" goods (firewood & lemons)
2 Junior Ranger badges
8 bears spotted (1 was a mama with 3 cubs)
1 herd bighorn sheep
1 hike with mountain goats everywhere
50 yards - distance from our campsite that I saw a mountain lion spotted in the brush (yikes!)
3 bags of marshmallows roasted
4 showers taken (um, that's just one each...)
1 rainstorm where the camper was worth every penny
2 Coffee Crisps purchased in Canada
0 days with internet access
24 crocheted granny squares
60 minutes on a horse
1,000,000 mosquito bites
Only a few more hours until we are home!
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Jen said...

I'm jealous...I want one!!!!

Jean C. said...

Spending time with the family.......