Thursday, July 19, 2012


What I was doing every half hour yesterday. Doesn't include all I did between time checks! And I wonder why I can't get anything done...

7am - Snuggling and snoozing with Jack
7:30 - Getting up and getting dressed
8am - Fixing scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast
8:30 - Getting kids and all their stuff out of the house and into the car
9am - Dropping kids off at camp
9:30 - Picking up Miss D to run errands
10am - Looking at folding tables with Miss D
10:30 - Getting supplies for performance costumes
11am - Dropping Miss D off at home
11:30 - Buying socks at Target for Kate's costume
12pm - Picking up kids from camp
12:30 - Eating lunch at Smashburger with kids
1pm - Picking up Kate's playdate
1:30 - Visiting with neighbor who stopped over to say hi
2pm - Making snow cone syrup
2:30 - Cleaning up the VERY messy kitchen
3pm - Herding chickens back into their run
3:30 - Visiting with a friend who dropped by
4pm - Fixing the kids a snack
4:30 - Blogging
5pm - Shopping the Patagonia sale
5:30 - Picking up Matt at the auto shop
6pm - Giving Matt a list for the grocery store
6:30 - Sewing a King of Hearts Costume
7pm - Fitting and altering costume
7:30 - Making Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum bow ties
8pm - Clearing dinner dishes
8:30 - Snuggling with my neighbor's baby
9pm - Putting the kids BACK to bed
9:30 - Cleaning up legos
10pm - Getting into bed

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