Sunday, July 01, 2012

Junk Out Dessert Night

Tonight at dinner I was explaining to the kids the tradition in my family growing up to occasionally have "Junk Out Night." This usually took place when staying at a hotel, and instead of dinner, we would go to the grocery store and pick out anything we wanted to eat. Everything was fair game... cookies, candy, chips, etc. Each person got to pick one item, and we shared the booty in front of the TV.

Matt *really* wants to do this for our family, but despite the fun memories, I've been a bit hesitant. Now that I'm the mom, it doesn't quite hold the appeal it once did. In fact, I get now why my mom always chose quasi-junk food for her choice (cheese & crackers, peanut butter something, etc.).

Anyway, my kids were asking me what kind of foods we would choose, and when I mentioned Twinkies, they looked confused and asked what that was. While I'm actually proud that my kids are fully unaware of Hostess and Little Debbie "snacks," I'm also a bit sad that they don't know what a Twinkie is. We took care of that tonight.

A special trip to the grocery store for a variety of sugary snacks. (Boy were these kids excited at the store!) A dessert plate of assorted sugary snacks. And some Olympic trials TV viewing makes for our "Junk Out Dessert Night."

Um... yum! Those snacks ate just as good as I remember!

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Best. Mom. Ever.