Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DayBook 7.17.12

Outside my window... I'm actually sitting outside my window. It is a lovely morning. The hens are free ranging in the yard, the kitten is exploring under the bushes, Oscar the older cat is guarding the kitten like a good older brother (it is really funny how protective he is of the kitten outside!), and Nina Sprinkles is chewing on a chicken feather.

I am thinking... that July 17 (today... I just realized that when I typed the header) has become a look back date for me to gauge where I am in life and what I want. 3 years ago I was in Minnesota, the last 2 years I was running half marathons, this year I'm relaxing on my back porch. But between each of those events, so much has happened. Even though it is a good half way point since New Year's Day, I'm not really thinking about my goals/resolutions. More the big, overall picture. So that's what I'll be thinking about today.

I am thankful for... half day camps. Gives me a little time to myself in the morning, but I don't have to give up my kids for an entire day.

From the kitchen... we seem to be having breakfast for every meal! Swedish pancakes for dinner last night. Tried a new cracked wheat waffle recipe this morning. It was really good, but I didn't let the batter sit long enough to soften the bulgur wheat soften. The kids complained about "crunchy things" in the waffles...

I am wearing... cut-off 501s, patagonia zippy fleece, bare feet

I am creating... some order in my house, but not much in the sewing room this week.

I am going... to maybe do nothing after this.

I am reading...  Quiet still (loving this book - did you know that even animals tend to show introvert/extrovert traits?) and listening to Bonhoeffer. About half way through each.

I am hoping... for another great adventure soon!

I am hearing... birds chirping away and the neighbors talking.

Around the house... not much. I start thinking about painting a room, but end up imagining a massive remodel. So I do nothing.

One of my favorite things... new porch cushions. They just freshen everything up!

A few plans for the rest of the week: tennis, playdates galore for the kids, dinner with friends, hot date with Matt (hot & smelly - we are going to do the incline), maybe some pool time

Here is a picture I am sharing: Oscar resting on top of my parsley while watching over the kitten

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