Saturday, July 07, 2012

30 Days of Order - #16 Family Picture Wall

All these organization projects were supposed to be done in June. I have a bunch that I haven't blogged, but I don't know if I actually got to 30 projects. I hate to blame everything on the wildfires, BUT... everyday life was a bit interrupted there for awhile. Since it is my project, I'm going to give myself some more time. Maybe through the end of July, maybe longer, maybe I'll even go over my 30 projects. We'll see.

I actually worked on this project while Matt and the kids were in NY. Should have taken a before photo (why do I always forget that part?). As soon as we moved in, I started a family photo wall. Originally it was on the second level of the staircase, but I didn't like it there. No one wanted to go UP my stairs to see the photos. So I took all the photos down, changed some frames, added some photos, took out some older photos, and added some miscellaneous artwork/wall decorations to break up all the photographs (And I copied the "This Is The Life" sign idea from here).
Difficult to get the whole wall in without angling the camera...
Sorry... just tilt your head!
I love how it turned out, and I get a little weepy when I look at all the moments and memories. I still have some more photos to hang (some in frames, some I'm having printed), so I'll probably have to start going back up the upper wall again soon.


Tiffany said...

What a AWESOME idea! I love it - the This is the Life sign is PERFECT. I want to copy this for my own house.

Anonymous said...

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