Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Maybe, just maybe, I haven't gotten any organization projects done the last couple days because I got sidetracked in my sewing room. I haven't sewed in a few weeks, but I had a few things I wanted to do this week. Now I can't stop! 
Miss D is also such an inspiration. I spent a couple hours with her on Monday. Shared with her the scrappy mug rug I made over the weekend. She loved it, so we dove into her scrap bin and made plans to make some more scrappy projects together. As we talked, I was suddenly hit with the idea to cut up a quilt top that I made quite awhile ago. It was sorta a wonky nine patch that didn't really ever look right (should have taken a before photo), so I was never got around to quilting it. As soon as I got home on Monday afternoon, I got right to work chopping it up. Still need to stitch the blocks together, but I'm already so much happier with it. Took me awhile to decide if I should go with the pink solid block or the green solid block. Always so surprising how one little switch can change the feel of a quilt. Which one do you think I picked?
But back to Miss D inspiration, this is not the first time that just being with her has helped me make major changes to quilts already in process. That is how my old Facade quilt became giant Carpenter Stars (still to be quilted). And how I decided on Uncle Mark's Camper's Quilt pattern. I need to take Jack's quilt top over to her, because I'm not absolutely happy with that one either... nor my 2 Habitat Challenge quilts... hmmm...

But enough babbling... here is my WIP list and a promise that it will be much shorter by next Wednesday! I plan to do a lot of sewing this weekend!
Completed Projects To Be Blogged (Why, oh why, can I not get around to blogging these?!?)
  • Crazy Clown Colors Quilt
  • Modern Houses Quilt
  • Teacher going away quilt
  • Cute Baby Toy
  • Scrappy Mug Rug
Quilts Needing Binding (binding is just better in the cold weather...)
  • Halloween Quilt
  • Halloween Table Runner
  • Valentine's Day table runner
Quilt Tops Needing Basting/Quilting
  • Pinwheel Quilt (needs backing first)
  • M's Quilt (BB)
  • Sorta Stacked Coins Quilt (BB)
  • Miss D's Quilt (BB)
  • Habitat Challenge Quilt #1 (BB)
  • Habitat Challenge Quilt #2 (BB)
  • Unnamed BIG quilt (I need to find this... put it somewhere "safe" until I was ready to quilt it...)
  • Repro Quilt #2 (slowly, slowly being quilted)
  • Jack's Christmas Quilt (top is finished but I'm not sure I'm going to give it to Jack)
Quilts Being Cut and/or Pieced
  • Ticker Tape Quilt (BB)
  • Green Squares Quilts x2 (BB - gotta think about these. They were originally going to be for the 2 queen beds in our mountain place, but now we have one queen and a sleeper... so do I still make 2 quilts?)
  • Sew-In Quilt (BB)
  • Repro Quilt #1
  • Wonky Pinky (see above)
Non-Quilt Sewing Projects
  • Bath wraps for Kate and American Girl Doll
  • Fleecy PJs for Kate (was going to alter to fit her, but now I might just let her grow into them!)
  • Bike Bag for Jack
  • Kids' Xmas gifts for 2012 (going to get this done next week on the 25th!)
  • Mermaid tail for Kate... sigh...
  • Doorway puppet theater (will be done this week)

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