Sunday, June 03, 2012

To Do This Week

Last week's list... was short because of camping... and still didn't get much crossed off!
  1. ***Figure out how to start a rock collection (being dropped for now...)
  2. **Send CDs of Europe photos to Elizabeth and my sister
  3. *Make vanilla sugar & bottle some more vanilla
  4. *Call about a homeschool program
  5. Practice some "cook in foil" camp recipes
  6. List everything I want to do with camper
  7. Blog about Europe - still didn't quite get it all blogged, but close enough
  8. Start a new organization project - My 30 Days of Organization
  9. Schedule tea with a friend - being taken off as this won't happen this week - we have visitors coming
  10. Find the time to finish a novel - nope... how can one stay so busy doing nothing while camping?!?
This week's list! Tomorrow is back-to-normal-life day. For a few days anyway.
  1. ***Send CDs of Europe photos to Elizabeth and my sister
  2. **Make vanilla sugar & bottle some more vanilla
  3. **Call about a homeschool program
  4. Buy camp storage boxes
  5. Get a pedicure
  6. Finish garden planting (rainbow chard? beans? jalapenos?)
  7. Plant flowers in back porch pots
  8. Return library books (and, um, pay a few fines...) & sign up for summer reading program
  9. Sign up for library summer reading program
  10. Change/wash sheets on all the beds
  11. Straighten up Matt's office/guest room
  12. Make bread
  13. Get email inbox down to a manageable size (I came back to 150+ emails! Ack!)
  14. Wash back porch furniture (nesting grackles make for dirty backyards)
  15. Put farmers' market and summer concert schedules into calendar

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