Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day Book 6.26.12

Outside my window... is a general haze from the wildfire. The other night the smoke was so bad we couldn't stay outside in our backyard. It makes my eyes itch and my throat sore. Yuck.

I am thinking...  about a friend having a baby today. So excited to hold a tiny newborn!

I am thankful for... a great tennis partner. We are 6-0 for USTA matches this summer. Last night was a bit too close for my liking, but we pulled it off despite the heat and the 2.5 hour match.

From the kitchen... homemade granola. Mad a batch on Sunday, but gave most of it away. Made a double batch yesterday. Also made a bulgur wheat-lentil salad recipe from a friend. It is really good!

I am wearing... sweaty running shorts and top. Did an early morning run despite my long tennis game last night. My legs feel like jelly.

I am creating... ideas in my head. Not so much on the sewing machine this week. Maybe today I will get in there.

I am going... to take a quick nap and then a quick shower. Yup, taking a nap before 7:30am!

I am reading... nada. Still on a podcast kick. Although I am reading a bunch of old magazines.

I am hoping... for some cooler weather and maybe some rain.

I am hearing... the fridge running, the kitchen clock ticking and Nina snoring next to me

Around the house... pretty happy with the house right now. Do need to load up some donations to go out.

One of my favorite things... my chickens!! Love those gals!

A few plans for the rest of the week: eye doctor appt for Jack, date night, add a few herbs to the empty spaces in the garden, playdate with my friend Nona moving back near by

Here is a picture I am sharing: Car temperature reading the other day (although I think it was really just in the high 90's - that is still record highs for us)

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ashlee said...

do you feel ok running or is it getting too smoky? or does it just depend which way the wind is blowing?