Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chicken Little

I haven't updated on the chickens in awhile. I love them. They are still so much fun and so interesting. Kate has been very involved in taking care of the chickens and likes to wake up early to open the coop in the morning. We all love discovering what foods they like - so far the favorites are kale and watermelon. Took this photo of the gals roosting this morning.
Top Roost: Rocket, Teeny Tiny, Henny Penny, Lulu
Bottom Roost: Peeps, Anabelle

So far, though, it seems that I mostly do a lot of worrying about these chickens.

We started putting them out in the coop a few weeks ago during the day. The first time I left them alone in the coop, I got a call that a fox came for a visit. Despite knowing that our coop is pretty safe, I cancelled my plans and rushed home to check the chicks. That mama fox sat on our garden wall watching them for a few days but has since disappeared.

The first full night they spent in the hen house, I must have checked on them a dozen times through the night. I had to sit with them for awhile and calm them down as evening fell. After some talking and some holding, they finally settled in under the warming light to sleep. I, however, did not sleep so much that night.

I've also woken in the middle of the night a few times when I hear the raccoons. I always have to run outside in my PJs to make sure everything is okay. So far the raccoons only seem to be interested in our compost pile.

I had finally started to relax a bit until this afternoon when I went out to share my apricot with them and noticed that one hen was keeping an eye shut while eating. I picked her up, and she opened it right up. The eye looks normal - not infected or gooky, but then she started closing it up again. A quick search on Google has informed me that it could be anything from a normal variance to a peck in the eye to mild cold to the end of my brood. Guess I'll just watch and wait. And worry.


Beth Moore said...

Sheesh, I thought motherhood was hard! Chicken Mommy is a whole other ball game! :D

Stephanie said...

It's hard caring for another living being! :) We only have our one kitty Macy, that we got in October, but I love her to pieces. Silly me, a few months ago I was so worried about her because all of the sudden she started laying down in a different position, and her belly was getting bigger (she's fixed) so I kept thinking, "Oh my, she's sick, she's got a tumor..."

I take her to the vet, and spent $120 to find out that my sweet kitty is just........getting fat. :)

Mama's worry, even animal mamas. :)