Tuesday, June 05, 2012

40 for 40 Review

Got a few things crossed off, so it is a good time to update! Will eventually share photos of my accomplishments.

1. Ski a mogul run - DONE!
2. Attempt to donate blood
3. Join the bone marrow donation registry - DONE!
4. Sponsor a child
5. Go cross country skiing - DONE!
6. Go snowshoeing
7. Make cinnamon rolls
8. Make 40 new recipes (gotta start a list for this... I'm sure I'm doing pretty well)
9. Complete a quilt each for Kate & Jack (in progress)
10. Complete a quilt for my bed (in progress)
11. Learn to play 4 Christmas carols on the piano
12. Get chickens - DONE!
13. Learn to fold 40 origami projects
14. Document a day-in-our life 40 times (hmmm... gotta think on how I define this)
15. Run 1000 miles (joining Tall Mom's club) - so far off schedule because of Europe...
16. Say "I Love You" to 40 people - probably done, but I need to count it up
17. Go camping - DONE!
18. Visit a National Park - DONE!
19. Complete a half marathon - DONE!
20. Complete a marathon (was registered for June, but Europe derailed that plan. Gotta rethink it)
21. Complete a triathlon (registered for Aug)
22. Plant a garden - DONE!
23. Go to a drive-in movie
24. Climb a 14er
25. Leave the country - DONE!
26. Go water skiing
27. Host a party - DONE!
28. Buy an RV - DONE!
29. Secret Plan
30. Start a new, benevolent family tradition
31. Do a back flip off a diving board - DONE! At Glenwood Springs pool this last weekend
32. Ride a motorcycle - DONE! Wait until you see photos of me!
33. Run 5K in less than 30min
34. Do the incline
35. Have a full day spa day
36. Fast for a day
37. Fly a kite - DONE! while camping
38. Go horseback riding - DONE!
39. Take kids to a college sporting event
40. Go rock climbing

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