Tuesday, June 05, 2012

30 Days of Organization - #4 Purse Clean Out

Yesterday I cleaned out my purse, because it was especially bad after taking it on our latest trip. It was overflowing and too heavy to carry.
I love my bag. It is a Kate Spade (which is too pricey for me to actually purchase for myself... Matt got it for me for Christmas) with little hedgehogs all over it. I always find it funny that I never used to carry a purse before kids. I would literally just stick a credit card, my ID, and some cash in my back pocket. Now I carry enough to survive for a few weeks... here's what I found when I emptied the disaster:
pack of gum, 2 apples (one way past prime), water bottle, 4 magazines, one book, composition notebook, 2 junior ranger badges, 2 junior geologist patches, 2 wallets, one loose checkbook, 9 sharpies in various colors, bag of candies, bag of liquids (from my flight home from Europe), 4 science museum tickets, 20+ receipts (none of them needed!), 6 various energy bars, 3 go go squeez applesauces, 2 mentholatum jars (love that stuff!), 2 kids' animal flashlights, one makeup bag, $61.65 in cash and coins (not in my wallet), various shopping lists, 4 info pages from the Denver Zoo on flamingos and polar bears, 1 tuna lunch, undies and bra (don't ask!), Capitol Reef sticker, travel shampoo and face wash, eczema cream, several candy wrappers, one Kabang candy, and one blue bow(??)

All that went back in was my wallet, my water bottle, the pack of gum, and one container of mentholatum. I know it will fill back up shortly - probably by the end of today! - but I would like to come up with a better system for my purse. Maybe smaller, organization bags that I can easily move in and out as needed? Might be a project to be done soon...

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