Friday, June 01, 2012

30 Days of Organization - #1 Curio Cabinet

I'm not really a big knick-knack person, but I do have a little collection of mostly sentimental items that I don't want to keep packed away, don't want spread all over the house and don't want broken. I had been looking for a curio cabinet for quite awhile with no luck - difficult to find one that fit our tastes and budget. I finally found one at the Wisteria outlet in Dallas when we were there last fall. It was delivered a week later to Colorado (inside the most enormous box I have ever seen! That thing sat in our living room for months. The kids had so much fun with it.) Despite my best intentions, the cabinet somehow just got filled with "stuff" and left there. I felt guilty every time I walked by. Decided this was a perfect project for my 30 Days of Organization.

I emptied out everything that didn't belong in the cabinet (book, maps, random junk) and then scurried around the house collecting all my knick-knacks from their hiding places. I arranged everything on shelves (somehow I thought that the cabinet would seem fuller... guess it is good that I don't have too much) trying to group like items. It is an eclectic collection: vases (ranging from IKEA to Tiffany!), the Lladro figurines from my grandma, my Gone With the Wind collection (I'm a bit embarrassed by this and yet I love it!), lots of sculpture art from the kids, and various other odds and ends.

After photo although it doesn't look much different
than the before photo.
To be honest, it doesn't quite look like I imagined yet. I love the glass vases filling the bottom, but the rest of the shelves need some more substantial items.  Too many little figurines. I guess that will improve with time.

The great thing is that it opened up more storage in other areas of the house - my dining room buffet, a whole shelf in the basement, etc. Now I want to organize those spaces! And I also have to find a home for all those books I emptied out of the cabinet!

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