Sunday, June 03, 2012

30 Days of Organization - #3 Camp Clean Up

We got back yesterday* from a week long camping trip (our inaugural camper trip!) to Utah. We had a wonderful time, love the camper, and can't wait to take another trip. I had lots of fun "prepping" the camper for our trip, but the unpacking feels a bit overwhelming right now. We got a good start yesterday, but there are piles and piles left to be washed, sorted and put away. Projects to get this done include: 6+ loads of laundry, washing all the camp dishes, putting away dry goods, washing the camper in and out (delegated to Matt & kids), washing shoes, scrubbing coolers, airing out sleeping bags, sorting camping gear, and putting away all the random junk. Going to try NOT to just shove stuff randomly in the garage!
Just the beginning...
SO with all that to do, I don't think I can take on a separate organization project for today. I'm just going to let the camp clean-up count as my organization project for the day.
Okay, off to get started right now...

*I sorta cheated on the first 2 days of my 30 Days of Organization project. I knew I wouldn't be here the first 2 days but didn't want to start behind. I got those first 2 projects done before I left... but going forward, the projects should be in real time.

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