Wednesday, June 13, 2012

30 Days of Organization - #8 Back Porch

We have this outside area right off our mudroom  entry that always seems to gather junk. Even though it is at the back of the house, it is the door we use the most for entering and exiting, and it just didn't feel  welcoming. We also always seem to have clothes and towels and toys hanging (sometimes literally!) on other parts of our back porch mostly from hot tub undressing (the hot tub that came with this house - I probably never would choose to have a hot tub, but it makes a great kiddie pool year round! Plus it isn't so bad when I heat it up and jump in on my own after kids are in bed). Decided we needed a bit of organization and I wanted to feel good when I walked through. No before photos... just imagine a big blank wall, random shoes, a broom, a bucket, a bag of potting soil and a pile of boxes for recycling.

I put up some cute garden nozzle hooks that I purchased on clearance a few years ago but never got around to hanging. Moved our old baker's rack from the garage, and had Matt buy a few galvanized buckets - one for shoes, one for toys.
It is already so much nicer, but I still want to make the bins cuter and add some containers to the baker's rack for catching odds and ends. Something sorta like this below from Pinterest... although maybe not more galvanized buckets... maybe terra cotta pots? I also think an outdoor rug would be great.

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