Sunday, June 10, 2012

30 Days of Organization - #6 Kids' Magnetic Board

Little slow on posting my projects last week...

When we first moved into this house, Matt went to a local metal shop and had a magnetic board cut to size for a blank wall space in our kitchen. It has been a great place to hang art, notices, photos, etc, but lately it has just become junky and disorganized (in the way that bulletin boards tend to get).
I cleared everything off the board and went down to a few basics for this summer - the kids' calendar (we haven't fill out for June yet - think we'll just skip to July!), the summer reading program forms, our summer writing program pages, our copy of Summer Bingo, and a space to post what we are studying for homeschool (um, nothing at the moment!). It looks so much cleaner.
Only difficulty with this project was when Jack found some of his preschool art in the recycle bin. He was EXTREMELY offended!

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