Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zombies of Europe

My sister came up with the idea that we should have a "pose" in front of all the major sites that we saw. Not sure who came up with the zombie pose... but here are the zombies of Europe...

Zombies of Sainte Chapelle
Zombies of Notre Dame
Zombies of the Louvre
Zombies of the Louvre
(part deux)
Zombies of the Eiffel Tower
Zombies of Pere Lachaise
Zombies of Pere Lachaise
(part deux)
Satisfied Zombies
(at our favorite Paris restaurant)
Zombies of Big Ben 
Zombies of Westminster Abbey
Zombies of Kensington Palace
(we added a 4th zombie - Rachel - to our group)

1 comment:

Dayna at Precut Paradise said...

I love your guys are making me miss Europe! I will be there in a month or so.....!!!