Thursday, May 17, 2012


I've really let our TV(I lump TV/computer/video games into one category, so I'm really talking about all these) usage slide since being back from Europe. I've been tired, the kids have been tired, and there seems like so much I need/want to get done. Fortunately, none of us our big TV watchers to start with (although Jack might play computer video games all day long... at least for a couple days), and the kids will usually get bored and find something else to do on their own even with unlimited TV. Still, I think I've been relying on the TV to entertain us too much lately. Time to do something.

I've also been slacking on kids' chores since we returned from Europe. Can I use the tired excuse again? Since we needed to get back on track with chores and since TV is a huge motivator for my children, I decided to combine the tasks. We now have a list of "chores" that must be done before there can be any TV. I made a list both for morning and afternoon. If the chores aren't completed before we start "school" or go out into the world, then there just isn't any TV. I don't have to say "no" plus I'm getting some help around the house!

So far it is working well. A little TV on Monday morning (I delayed starting schoolwork because I felt like they needed the reward on the first day) and a little TV last night (and the first video was one I picked out for school) while Matt worked late is a big improvement. Next week I'll probably add to the list and star some items that will be mandatory regardless of TV watching. We'll adjust from there.

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