Sunday, May 20, 2012

To Do List

Last week's To Do List -
10 out of 15 ain't bad, right?
  1. *Get our camper stocked and organized - almost there!
  2. *Review family goals with Matt - um, I couldn't find the list we made, but we talked a bit. That's going to count until I find it
  3. *Go through Europe photos and post some on blog - bigger job than I expected! sorted but not blogged (later...)
  4. *Declutter & clean my office - not quite where I wanted, but a good start for now
  5. *Make a 5 year plan with Matt - sorta started, too many unknowns, at least we discussed it
  6. *Figure out how to start a rock collection - started reading about this, feeling a little overwhelmed with the idea
  7. *Get back on track with kids' chores and marble system
  8.  Laminate some photos/posters for camper
  9. Plant round three (round 1 was volunteers!) of lettuce in the garden
  10. Send CDs of Europe photos to Elizabeth and my sister - made, not yet sent
  11. Blog about camper's quilt
  12. Blog about closet/wardrobe stuff - started...
  13. Set up TV/computer time system - might delegate to Matt, taking off list for now
  14. Plant rosemary, mint and parsley
  15. Set-up iphone alarms/reminders
This Week's To Do List:
(* means that it is a carry over from the previous week, ** is 2 weeks ago, etc.)
  1. **Get our camper stocked and organized - started, much more to go
  2. **Figure out how to start a rock collection
  3.  *Laminate some photos/posters for camper
  4. *Send CDs of Europe photos to Elizabeth and my sister
  5. *Blog about closet/wardrobe stuff
  6. Gather Utah books
  7. Make vanilla sugar & bottle some more vanilla
  8. Decide on Minnesota trip in June
  9. Register for a retreat
  10. Move chicks outside permanently (rig up light?)
  11. Call about a homeschool program
  12. Schedule eye appt for Jack
  13. Schedule eye appt for me
  14. Schedule free "Serenity Hour" at local spa
  15. Schedule doctor's appt for me

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