Wednesday, May 02, 2012

To Do List

Wish one of you lived next door so you could hold me accountable for all this... or come over and do it with me...

To Do

  1. Blog about finished quilts
  2. Get our new (to us) camper stocked, organized and then blog about it
  3. 40 for 40 Review
  4. Review family goals with Matt
  5. Get back on track with One Bite At a Time
  6. Go through Europe photos and post some on blog
  7. Declutter, declutter, declutter (where does all this stuff come from?!?)
  8. Update budget (hasn't been done since we left for Europe... hope it isn't ugly...)
  9. Make a 5 year plan with Matt
  10. Get a big feed bin to house chicks (the Rubbermaid is getting a bit small)
  11. Deal with the mountain of laundry scattered around my house
  12. Finalize details and bake for baby shower that I'm hosting this weekend
  13. Reserve flights for Matt & kids to go to NY for a week in June
  14. Figure out how in the world one starts a rock collection
  15. Make a donation dump (after #7)
That's enough to make me feel plenty overwhelmed.

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