Friday, May 25, 2012

Simplify the Closet Plan

My closet has been a mess for awhile. Too much crammed into not enough space. And despite being stuffed full, I still stand in front of everything and feel like I had nothing to wear. Something needs to be done (I actually think the answer is a master suite addition with a big ol' walk-in closet, but even if that was in the plan for 2012, it doesn't help me right now).

I've been inspired over time to simplify my closet as I come across ideas like 30x30 Remix challenge, Small Notebook's simple wardrobe, and my ability to pack for a month in Europe in a travel-on sized bag (and I probably over packed!).

A couple weeks ago I took EVERYTHING out of my closet and went through the items one by one. While I didn't get down to 30 items for the next month like I planned (um, and I didn't even get close - I still have 100+ items in my closet and that doesn't include exercise clothes or shoes or accessories!), I did manage to fill a box to giveaway and put a bunch of clothes in a storage bin. I knew there was NO WAY I was going to get down to 30 items when I pulled out my stack of jeans... I think I have 10 pairs! I also decided that getting down to 30 items is a bit difficult in a place like Colorado where we have to layer everyday, even most of the summer. There is also the frequent laundry issue with fewer clothes...

Despite my above attempts to make excuses, I think I'm going to wait another week or so and then go through everything again. Thinking I might just put my "absolutely love and wear all the time" clothes in the closet. Everything else can go into storage, then I can pull things out as I need/want them and add them to the closet. I'll be curious to see what my closet looks like.

So hold me to this, will you?

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Erin said...

Put some of the things your not sure whether to keep or not in a rubbermaid bin and label it with the date you packed it, if you look for it before 6 months is up better keep it.