Saturday, May 12, 2012

One Bite At A Time

Want to get back on track working through the ebook One Bite At A Time. Decided it would be easier to make myself an online list instead of using my marked up hard copy. Here is where I'm at. Highlighted ones are what I want to work on next. Some items on the list I am currently doing but want to change or tweak or revisit. I haven't crossed those off. Just the ones that I *feel* done with.

  1. Eat your frog
  2. Make a debt-free plan - DONE
  3. Establish a morning routine
  4. Establish an evening routine
  5. Start menu planning
  6. Create a family purpose statement
  7. Downsize your book and magazine collection
  8. Streamline your mail
  9. Streamline you receipt system
  10. Take an annual vacation (or staycation) - DONE
  11. Clean as you go
  12. Clean your kitchen as you cook
  13. Plan weekly planning meetings with your spouse - DONE (although we need to get back on track after Europe)
  14. Eat whole foods (on a budget)
  15. Make your kitchen paperless
  16. Schedule regular date nights
  17. Create an essential papers file
  18. Get more sleep
  19. Dump your brain
  20. Plan in advance for holidays - DONE
  21. Organize your files
  22. Declutter (and rotate) your children's toys
  23. Regularly turn off your TV
  24. Switch to non-toxic cleaners
  25. Organize your photo collection
  26. Cook staples from scratch
  27. Streamline your email
  28. Create a regular monthly budget - DONE
  29. Switch to gentle, eco-friendly hair care
  30. Switch to gentle, eco-friendly skin care
  31. Give
  32. Go on dates with your kids
  33. Streamline your kids' art collection
  34. Drink more water
  35. Declutter your wardrobe (and focus on your outward appearance)
  36. Start a garden - DONE
  37. Streamline your entertainment sources
  38. Carve out intentional down time
  39. Create a daily to-do list
  40. Set up sinking funds - DONE
  41. Create a chore system that works for the whole family
  42. Make a compost bin - DONE
  43. Eat locally
  44. Find a hobby (and become a lifelong learner) - DONE (quilting)
  45. Make annual goals - DONE
  46. Create a family tradition
  47. Wake up earlier (and use kaizen)
  48. Use the envelope system - DONE
  49. Switch to gentle, eco-friendly beauty products
  50. Evaluate your home
  51. Get help 
  52. Say no

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Angela Miller said...

Wow! That is quite the list :) Have you ever looked at Shaklee products? We use them for cleaners, supplements, personal products. Let me know if you want more info.