Sunday, May 06, 2012

Homeschool Plan

In my short experience of homeschooling, I've found that it works best for me to "plan" in 2-3 week increments. I also really like it when all the subjects overlap. Here is our rough study plan for last week and the upcoming two weeks...
  • Weather/Temperature (read books from the library, watch videos from the library, do a few science experiments, learn cloud types, make trip to Denver Science Museum, observe wind map)
  • Flamingos (read books from the library, watch videos from library/Netflix, so some kind of theme craft, do animal observation at the Denver Zoo)
  • Birds (read books from the library, make trip to Denver Zoo, review of what makes birds unique, possible bird counting at local nature center, set up yard for birds this summer, make bird crafts like birdhouse/birdfeeder/bird cookies/etc.)
  • John James Audubon (read biographies from library, study famous flamingo engraving, learn about Audubon Society, complete biography book report, discuss importance of biographies)
  • Geography (read maps, learn continents & oceans, read about Europe, learn to identify major European countries)
  • Math (continue to memorize math facts, review skip counting and even/odd numbers, review time, play math games, etc)
  • Writing (handwriting for Jack, writers' workshop for both, letter writing for Kate, lots of writing for above study subjects)
  • Reading (continue daily reading, encourage Jack to read silently, pick a novel to read out loud together)

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