Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Wrapping up our flamingo study. We've been mostly done for a week or so, but we needed to get to the Denver Zoo to do our flamingo observation. Also wanted to wait until they moved the flamingos outside.

Here's the resources we used for studying flamingos. There weren't nearly as many books about flamingos at our library as cheetahs and polar bears. In a way it was nice to have limited options. Not so overwhelming and no guilt at not reading all that is available.
  1. Fiction Books: Sylvie, Fish and Flamingo
  2. Non Fiction Books: A Flamingo Chick Grows Up, Mud City, Wild Flamingos
  3. Video: Crimson Wing, Flamingo Dance (short PBS Nature clip)
  4. Completed Animal Research Notes
  5. Flamingo Observation at Denver Zoo (using Be An Animal Watcher and Take a Closer Look)
  6. Studied American Flamingo engraving (see link for guidelines, crosses over into our study of John James Audubon)
  7. For Fun: Fantasia 2000 (there is a flamingo dance scene), Alice in Wonderland (the Queen uses flamingos as croquet mallets), and Flamingo animal figures (it has now become a "tradition" to buy whatever animal we are studying - the kids love to play zoo, vet, jungle, etc. with these figures)
We also used flamingos to move into studying birds in general, but I'll list our bird resources separately. I think we'll be studying birds for quite awhile. Hoping I can convince the kids to pick more birds to focus on like chickens, bald eagles, condors, etc.
Nice spot for flamingo observations

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