Monday, May 14, 2012

Day Book 5.14.12

Outside my window... it's a beautiful morning! Everything seems damp and green, there is fresh snow on the peak, and I can hear birds chirping despite the closed windows.

I am thinking... about my grandma. She has been on a roller coaster this last week. The biopsy during surgery last Monday came back negative for cancer so they ended up not doing the mastectomy. Unfortunately, the final pathology did show cancer, so she is again scheduled for a mastectomy today.

I am thankful for... a husband who does all the dishes on Mother's Day.

From the kitchen... having a chocolate milk & banana smoothie for breakfast, spaghetti for dinner tonight and salmon cakes tomorrow night. Not sure after that.

I am wearing... running tights and a hot pink half zip top.

I am creating... a lot of plans in my head, not much in reality

I am going... to win my USTA doubles match tonight. (That's my positive thinking in action!)

I am reading... finished House Rules, mid-way through The Starboard Sea. Plus all those other non-fictions that I read intermittently

I am hoping... for a nap later today

I am hearing... 
the chicks peeping in their brooder (moving outside by next week!) and Oscar meowing to go outside (I won't let him because I know he wants to hunt baby birds) and the kitchen clock ticking

Around the house... started to clean up my office. It's sorta a tough job when your office is doubling as a barn.

One of my favorite things... fresh flowers in the house

A few plans for the rest of the week:
 some tennis, a massage, a trip to the zoo, a walk with Miss D... I love weeks with few plans.

Here is a picture I am sharing:

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Beth Moore said...

Praying for your grandma! Hugs!