Friday, May 11, 2012


I am having the time of my life with these little chicks. Although they do poop a lot. No one was exaggerating. The best part has been learning all their personalities. Who knew that they would all be so different! Here are my little girls... I should have taken more photos when they were tiny and fluffy. They are sorta in that gawky, dinosaur-looking stage.
Roosting over the brooder
Peeps - She is, by far, the most aggressive (but not in a mean way) of all the chicks. She loves people, loves to sit on my shoulder, loves to explore, and loves to be the center of attention. She also isn't the least bit bothered by Nina and just pecks her on the nose if she gets too pushy.
Henny Penny - Miss D made us promise that we would name one of the chicks after her favorite chicken when she was a little girl. Henny Penny wants to be friendly, but she is a little cautious. She usually warms up after a few minutes.
Henny Penny
Rocket - She is the funniest looking of all the chicks. I thought Rocket didn't like people up until a few days ago. Every time I picked her up, she would squawk and squeal and flap like I was about to eat her for dinner. Ends up she just doesn't like me. She is quite content to sit on Kate's arm and even coos to her. I'm a little put out.
Teeny Tiny - She is the smallest of our chicks. Very cautious. Likes to hang close to the other chicks, especially Henny Penny. But she isn't unfriendly and doesn't put up much fuss when we pick her up.
Teeny Tiny
Lulu (shorten from her original name of Louisa) - Poor girl had sticky bottom the first few days of life. I was constantly picking dried poop off her bottom, cutting away at her little fuzz bottom, and applying olive oil. It is completely understandable that she has been a little nervous around people since. I have noticed that she is warming up more and more every day.
Annabelle - Am I allowed to have a favorite? This little girl is so calm and friendly. She hustles over to be as close to me as she can get. As soon as I start talking to her, she cocks her head and peeps back. She and Lulu are both Barred Rocks, but I can tell the difference as Lulu has a bigger white spot on top of her head and by Annabelle's personality.
They are all getting bigger and bigger and seem pretty healthy. I've already lost track of their ages! I think Peeps, Henny Penny and Rocket are almost 4 weeks old, and the others are 3 weeks. Thinking that they will be moved outside to the hen house in the next couple weeks. Uncle Mark is coming this weekend to finish up the ventilation.
Checking each other out

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