Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Camper's Quilt

I've been collecting fabrics for this quilt for years. Every time I saw a fabric with a camping theme, I bought a bit of it. Then it took me years (literally!) to figure out what pattern to make. I made a few blocks in different patterns but was never quite satisfied. When I saw this pattern in a quilting magazine (not sure which one!), I knew it would be just right. I had to add some fabrics from my stash and Miss D's stash. What I really like about this pattern is that it made so many unrelated prints look good together.

It is always difficult for me to give away a quilt, but I hope that it helps to let Uncle Mark know how special he is to our family. Plus there are still some scraps left over that I might be able to make my own camping quilt...
Backing is from Connecting Threads years ago & was my inspiration for the entire quilt.
Binding from my stash.
This camper sorta looks like Uncle Marks War Wagon!
Uncle Mark's outdoor, dream girl

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Beth Moore said...

I love it!!!! Such cute fabrics!