Thursday, May 03, 2012

Baby Charlotte's Quilt

My cousin had a baby in March and named her after my Grandma. I love that. Charlotte was a name I wanted to use for a baby girl, but I didn't have enough baby girls! Any baby named after my grandma needs a pretty, girly quilt...
I pieced the top from charm packs quite awhile back. I wanted to back it in minky but was a bit nervous as I had heard it is difficult to quilt. I worried for nothing - it was no problem at all!
I like the little loopy loops. It is also the first quilt that I've done machine binding on. I like a hand sewn binding but wasn't sure how the minky would hold the stitches. The machine binding as a few imperfections, but all in all it turned out fine.
This was sent off before we left for Europe. I hope it arrived and is being used!

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