Friday, May 04, 2012

40 for 40 Review

I'm behind on my list. Thinking I might have to change some of my list for various reasons. Is that allowed in the rules? Since I'm making the rules, I'm going to allow it! We'll see as the year progresses.

1. Ski a mogul run - DONE!
2. Attempt to donate blood
3. Join the bone marrow donation registry - DONE!
4. Sponsor a child
5. Go cross country skiing - DONE!
6. Go snowshoeing
7. Make cinnamon rolls
8. Make 40 new recipes (gotta start a list for this... I'm sure I'm doing pretty well)
9. Complete a quilt each for Kate & Jack (in progress)
10. Complete a quilt for my bed (in progress)
11. Learn to play 4 Christmas carols on the piano
12. Get chickens - DONE!
13. Learn to fold 40 origami projects
14. Document a day-in-our life 40 times (hmmm... gotta think on how I define this)
15. Run 1000 miles (joining Tall Mom's club) - so far off schedule because of Europe...
16. Say "I Love You" to 40 people - probably done, but I need to count it up
17. Go camping - s00n!
18. Visit a National Park - soon!
19. Complete a half marathon - DONE!
20. Complete a marathon (was registered for June, but Europe derailed that plan. Gotta rethink it)
21. Complete a triathlon (registered for Aug)
22. Plant a garden - soon!
23. Go to a drive-in movie
24. Climb a 14er
25. Leave the country - DONE!
26. Go water skiing
27. Host a party - scheduled this weekend
28. Buy an RV - DONE!
29. Secret Plan
30. Start a new, benevolent family tradition
31. Do a back flip off a diving board
32. Ride a motorcycle - soon!
33. Run 5K in less than 30min
34. Do the incline
35. Have a full day spa day
36. Fast for a day
37. Fly a kite
38. Go horseback riding - DONE! (in France, on the beach)
39. Take kids to a college sporting event
40. Go rock climbing

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