Thursday, May 31, 2012

30 Days of Order

I feel like "declutter" and "clean out" and "organize" are always on my to do list. I guess with children, husband, cats, dog, chickens, hedgehog, fish, and snails (Jack refuses to let the snails be left out!), I should expect the chaos. But I also know that when I don't stay on top of the chaos, my house turns from "lived in" to disaster. June is a relatively quiet month for me this year, and I've decided to take on one declutter/clean out/organize project a day. I have a few projects in mind, but this will mostly be a day-to-day challenge for myself. I could probably make this a 365 project (and still not be organized!), but I think I'll stick to 30 start.

Hoping to blog about each project, but I don't want any pressure to do it. Of course, if I was a fancy blogger, I'd make myself a button for the challenge. And maybe a new header (still using my plain, original one). But I just don't have the time and energy to figure out how to make one of those silly things!*

*I actually think blog buttons and fancy headers are really great. I'm just trying to make up for my feelings of blog inadequacy by acting as if I don't care and have better things to do...

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