Thursday, May 31, 2012

30 Days of Order

I feel like "declutter" and "clean out" and "organize" are always on my to do list. I guess with children, husband, cats, dog, chickens, hedgehog, fish, and snails (Jack refuses to let the snails be left out!), I should expect the chaos. But I also know that when I don't stay on top of the chaos, my house turns from "lived in" to disaster. June is a relatively quiet month for me this year, and I've decided to take on one declutter/clean out/organize project a day. I have a few projects in mind, but this will mostly be a day-to-day challenge for myself. I could probably make this a 365 project (and still not be organized!), but I think I'll stick to 30 start.

Hoping to blog about each project, but I don't want any pressure to do it. Of course, if I was a fancy blogger, I'd make myself a button for the challenge. And maybe a new header (still using my plain, original one). But I just don't have the time and energy to figure out how to make one of those silly things!*

*I actually think blog buttons and fancy headers are really great. I'm just trying to make up for my feelings of blog inadequacy by acting as if I don't care and have better things to do...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zombies of Europe

My sister came up with the idea that we should have a "pose" in front of all the major sites that we saw. Not sure who came up with the zombie pose... but here are the zombies of Europe...

Zombies of Sainte Chapelle
Zombies of Notre Dame
Zombies of the Louvre
Zombies of the Louvre
(part deux)
Zombies of the Eiffel Tower
Zombies of Pere Lachaise
Zombies of Pere Lachaise
(part deux)
Satisfied Zombies
(at our favorite Paris restaurant)
Zombies of Big Ben 
Zombies of Westminster Abbey
Zombies of Kensington Palace
(we added a 4th zombie - Rachel - to our group)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eiffel Tower

Because we had so much fun with photos and it is such an iconic place, the Eiffel Tower is getting it's own blog post of photos...

Sassy Girl
Tia's Boots

Our attempts to "push" the tower didn't work as well...

Love this one

Monday, May 28, 2012


I think I completely forgot to blog about of day trip to Gruyere, Switzerland. It took a couple hours by train and a couple train changes (I admit, I had my fingers crossed that the last train was the correct train).

We started the day by hiking up to the village from the train station, exploring the chateaux (my kids loved the info movie), and then having fondue for lunch. Finished up the day with the kids letting me poke around some shops and then a visit to the cheese factory.
Walk to village
We all liked the chocolate chicken!


Checking out the local scents that make Gruyere cheese unique 
Aging cheese

Sunday, May 27, 2012

To Do List

Here's where I got on my To Do List last week...
  1. **Get our camper stocked and organized 
  2. **Figure out how to start a rock collection
  3.  *Laminate some photos/posters for camper - not going to happen...
  4. *Send CDs of Europe photos to Elizabeth and my sister
  5. *Blog about closet/wardrobe stuff
  6. Gather Utah books
  7. Make vanilla sugar & bottle some more vanilla
  8. Decide on Minnesota trip in June (decided no...)
  9. Register for a retreat
  10. Move chicks outside permanently but still using a heat lamp at night
  11. Call about a homeschool program
  12. Schedule eye appt for Jack
  13. Schedule eye appt for me
  14. Schedule free "Serenity Hour" at local spa
  15. Schedule doctor's appt for me
Giving myself a little break on the to do list for this week... here's what I have...

  1. ***Figure out how to start a rock collection
  2. **Send CDs of Europe photos to Elizabeth and my sister
  3. *Make vanilla sugar & bottle some more vanilla
  4. *Call about a homeschool program
  5. Practice some "cook in foil" camp recipes
  6. List everything I want to do with camper
  7. Blog about Europe
  8. Start a new organization project
  9. Schedule tea with a friend
  10. Find the time to finish a novel

Easter Eggs in Europe

We got to go to Elizabeth's village egg hunt the weekend before Easter. Bunches of dyed eggs were hidden in a small, forested area near the village. And the eggs were not easy to find!

wine and cheese and other treats
Playing in the fields after the hunt
 We also dyed our own eggs at Elizabeth's house later in the week.

On the actual holiday, we also did a chocolate Easter egg hunt in the courtyard of our rental house in Southern France.