Tuesday, April 03, 2012


There is an infamous story in my family about our trip the the San Diego Zoo when we were young (I don't remember how young... I was probably 7 or 8? My sister 4 or 5?). My grandparents had given each of us a sum of money to purchase a stuffed animal at the zoo. I chose an elephant, and my brother chose a monkey. My sister was adamant that she wanted a little, stuffed wiener dog. My dad was just as adamant that she get an animal that we actually saw at the zoo. There was a stand off and tears, and eventually my sister got the wiener dog. And we still love to give my dad a hard time about the incident.

But the thing about it? I get it. I completely sympathize with my dad's point of view. Especially now that I'm the parent, and my kids want souvenirs that have NOTHING to do with our trip.

I have told the kids that I will buy them two, and only two*, souvenirs on our little adventure. I have warned them that they must choose wisely. If they use up their purchases early and then find something they want later, they won't get it.

On our sojourn to Italy, Jack came across a stuffed stingray. And he HAD to have it. There was much conjoling on my part to wait to see what else he might come across. We were only in the first week of our trip. But Jack would not be moved. And so we are now the proud owners of an Italian, stuffed stingray. Appropriately named Stingy. Please tell me that at least there are stingrays in the Mediterranean Sea?!?

*If I am completely honest, I would probably buy them more than two things if it is something I deem appropriate. The rule is really to avoid having to argue with the "I want's" from the kids. I also have veto power which I wielded on a "Wild West Cowboy Gun Set" from Italy that Jack wanted.

Kate has pointed out to me that I am already over MY two souvenir limit...

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Stephanie said...

I am loving following your adventures! Sydney was looking at the blog with me yesterday and was so jealous that Kate was in ITALY! Now she wants to go too. I sympathize with the souvenir thing. On our recent spring break trip, we gave them each $100 to spend (in theory) The deal was, misbehavior (6 hour road trip!) we'd start ticking off $1 for each offense. But it worked out well, because each time they said, "I want this, I want this!" I reminded them how much $$ they had left and they made wise purchases. Sometimes I had to bit my tongue, too, when Adam spent $20 on oversized Mickey Mouse gloves. lol.